Postal Worker Caught on Video Dumping Mail on Ground

The fact that one postal worker was caught mistreating customers and their mail isn’t that big a deal. Yes, I would love to know how many employees FedEx or UPS have to deal with for the same kind of behavior, but I’m not sure how much that would prove. Employers in the private sector as well as the public sector have to deal with strangely-behaved workers. I guess if there proved to be a huge discrepancy, we could have a discussion about the kind of people who are prone to seek public employment, Read more […]

“Sorry You’re Dead, But We Have Usurped So Much Power From You That You Must Expect Us To Make Mistakes.”

Have you ever received a destroyed package from the US Postal Service? My favorite part is where the accompanying letter says that, because of the massive amount of mail they handle, accidents are inevitable. Whose bright idea was it that one company should have a monopoly on all that mail? First you make us all use your service and then you excuse yourself because of the overwhelming amount of business! And Obamacare is already no different. All the horrors are being excused because the entire Read more […]

USPS: We’re Immune From Traffic Laws

As the bankrupt U.S. Postal Service struggles to pay its bills, it gets slapped with $700 in traffic tickets including two school zone speeding tickets and 5 red light violations. Jennifer Bresling, the attorney representing the Postal Service, wrote a letter to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company that enforces East Cleveland, Ohio’s camera citations and stated that the USPS is not subject to local and state regulations. They shouldn’t have to pay all these fines because Read more […]

Does Post Office Bankruptcy Forewarn of Healthcare Debacle?

Employing over a half million people and operating the world’s largest vehicle fleet, the United States Postal Service is the country’s third largest employer. The only other two employers that are bigger are our own grandiose Federal Government and of course Wal-Mart. While the Postal Service does get small subsidies, they are mostly funded by shipping and handling charges and stamp sales. Of course, they also sell insurance if you want to make sure that your letter or parcel is delivered to the Read more […]