Will Christians Let Mistaken Theology Weaken Them in the Coming Struggle?

We need to think about whether we are allowing mistaken theology to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Does mistaken theology weaken the Church’s impact? Divorced from any specific context or application, I think every Christian would agree it very clearly does–any time we misunderstand God’s plan and truth, it hampers our witness, and tarnishes men’s perception of His glory to some degree. Dr. McDurmon has a profound point here: Does a team taking the field with zero authentic hope of Read more […]

Our Political Battles Choose Us — We Don’t Get to Choose Them

I promised Uri Brito, a friend, pastor and zealot for Jesus Christ that I’d respond to his irenic post on political strategy. I told Uri’s fine congregation last May that if I lived in Pensacola, I’d attend his church just to hear (and watch) him sing. What a rare and gifted man of God. Uri and I agree on most issues: (1) that conservative Christians shouldn’t be wedded inextricably to the Republican Party; (2) that conservative Christians aren’t required to abandon the Republican Party; Read more […]