Colorado, Pot, Guns – Drug Defeat or Second Amendment Victory?

What do Colorado, pot, guns have to do with one another? Many Conservatives believe in marijuana prohibition. So they might see this news from as another sad defeat for Conservative culture. Two Colorado firearms instructors are¬†planning a ballot initiative¬†in their state to help smash a huge violation of citizens’ rights: that marijuana smokers, according to the federal government, are not allowed to own guns. The 1968 Gun Control Act declared in section 922(g) that unlawful users Read more […]

Blacks, Marijuana, And Multiculturalism

I would like to criticize my neighbor, who, despite the fact that he’s a father to two toddlers, smokes pot. It’s important to note that he is black, and for that reason, liberals tell me, I can’t criticize his drug use; it’s part of the black culture, they say (which makes me want to ask, “What is? Marijuana, or breaking the law?”). There are numerous nauseating writings on the inherent so-called racism of drug laws because they mostly affect black people (here’s one). Much like how anti-cannibalism Read more […]