Bureaucrats Think They Want Slaves, but They Won’t Like the Results

It seems that the dream of bureaucrats is people who always and only follow orders, but their dream would be a nightmare—even for them. Weird stuff has been connecting in my mind, from public school teachers to Green Berets. There seems to be a common thread in those stories and others. The stories include that of a Christian elected to office who is expected to affirm that marriage is defined as a relationship between two generic persons rather than between a man and a woman, because the Supreme Read more […]

Francois Hollande Hates the Poor, According to His Ex-Girlfriend

If Francois Hollande hates the poor, Valérie Trierweiler would know about it. Of course, she could also be exaggerating since he cheated on her. (The whole relationship is bizarre since they were never married—and their relationship began while she was still officially married. Nevertheless, she believes Hollande “cheated” on her by having sex with another woman.) She is obviously quite angry at him. Still her testimony seems quite plausible. According to the International Business Read more […]

Unlimited Power and Absolute Corruption

Power is a familiar topic with conservative writers and thinkers. In 1944, Ludwig von Mises published his book, Bureaucracy, which may very well be considered the authoritative work on the (in)effectiveness of centralized power. Mises wrote: The bureaucrat is not free to aim at improvement. He is bound to obey rules and regulations established by a superior body. He has no right to embark upon innovations if his superiors do not approve of them. His duty and his virtue is to be obedient. Mises Read more […]

Obama’s FEMA Success Story: STILL No Power

Here we are, in the dead chill of one of the coldest and windiest winters in recent memory, more than three full months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey and New York, and there are still people living in those states without power. I learned of this from a report by New York’s local Fox News affiliate: “For months Donna Graziano has been traveling from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to Staten Island every day to provide a tent with heaters and food to folks in New Dorp Beach who are Read more […]