Like All Tyrants Biden Only Respects “Legitimate Media”

On the issue of gun control, Vice President Joe Biden wants people only to trust “the legitimate news media.” Any news that does not agree with what the White House says on the Second Amendment is “malarkey.” The so-called legitimate media are those media outlets that support the State. The Soviet Union had Pravda and the Nazis had Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister. Goebbels earned a Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in 1921. By today’s standards, this would make him legitimate in the Read more […]

Russian Warns Americans: ‘Don’t Give Up Your Guns!’

Pravda, in Russian, means “truth.” Don’t get the wrong idea; I am definitely not a fan of Socialist cant, tiresomely palmed off as truth. But, as the saying goes, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. An article appeared in the English version of Pravda on December 28, 2012. It was written by Stanislav Mishin and is titled “Americans Never Give up Your Guns.” It is clear we have a genuine, national crisis on our hands when Pravda gets it right and the government, spearheaded by our Read more […]

Obama Re-Elected by Illiterate Society Says Russian Newspaper

While a small majority of the American people continue to celebrate the re-election of the worst and most corrupt president in US history, the rest of the world is mocking our stupidity.  Looking from the outside, they see how Obama has constantly lied to the American people.  They also see him for what he really is, a communist.  And they see him repeating the same mistakes that other communist leaders made in the past.  Yet, the 62 million Americans that voted for Obama are blind to what is Read more […]