Alabama Prayer Caravan Huge Success Thanks to Atheists

A couple of weeks ago, local atheists tried to get a Prayer Caravan in Cullman Alabama stopped in its tracks.  The infamous Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Billy Coleman the school district superintendent, demanding that he put a stop to the event. NOTE: Freedom From Religion is impossible to achieve.  Religion means belief and even atheists believe there is no God, so in essence, that is their religion.  Everyone has a belief even if that belief is a belief in nothing spiritual.  Read more […]

Atheists Demand Voluntary Prayer Caravan Be Cancelled

Does the word ‘voluntary’ mean anything to atheists these days?  I bet if they asked for volunteers to help protest a Ten Commandments display at a public building that they would welcome them with open arms.  However, the thought of people volunteering to pray on their own time and travel with their own cars at the various local public schools is beyond toleration for one atheist organization. The past couple of years, hundreds of Cullman, Alabama residents have participated in the Prayer Read more […]