School Board Decides To Encourage Pre-Teens to Make Babies

Some teens and even pre-teens have sex and some of them get pregnant. In those cases, if you could go back in time and force the couple to use a condom, that pregnancy would have been prevented. But if you could go back in time, why not stop the pre-teens from having sex altogether? In many states (all of them?) it is illegal for pre-teens to be involved in sexual activity. This would especially be true if the girl was very young and she was seduced/pressured/raped by an older male. So, because we Read more […]

Why Do We Get Such Stupid Evolutionary Explanations For Male Whoredom?

I’ve seen this before. So have you. It is said all the time. But just so we have the idiocy before us in all its glory, here it is on the Fox News website: Men most often regret not having sex with more people while women frequently regret having sex with the wrong partner, according to a recently released study. The study from researchers at the University of Texas and University of California-Los Angeles aimed to show that the feeling of regret is part of the evolutionary process when it comes Read more […]

Abortionist: Abortion Is Safer Than Childbirth

Last year, I was able to attend my county’s GOP convention, which was one step in the nominating process where we all were required to “get behind” the chosen one, Mitt Romney. (What’s the point of having a “democratic” nominating process when the outcome is pre-determined?) At my county’s convention, I sat across from an aged OB doctor. I was rather surprised that he was at the Republican convention given his opinions on contraception and children. I don’t know his stance on abortion, Read more […]