Is Obama Radical? The Evidence of the Supreme Court

If you have friends who think of Obama a centrist or moderate, I applaud you for not being insular in your social relationships. But the problem with such people is that they have obviously bought into so much ideological garbage, including the delusion that only other people are ideological—like “those Tea Party people”—that it is hard to know how to get them to reconsider such a position. Perhaps it impossible to reason with people, but I do think there is one piece of evidence that Read more […]

Yet Another Democrat Tries To Assassinate An American President

I laughed out loud when I learned that the man who sent poisoned letters to President Obama is a Democrat. And then I thought, “Well doesn’t that figure?” The would-be assassin, whose fame I will not contribute to by writing his name, sent letters laced with ricin to Obama and to Republican Senator Roger Wicker. Inhaling the toxin is deadly, and all it takes to kill a human is an amount 1/288 the size of an aspirin. A picture of the man, a white guy whom I will henceforth refer to as John, Read more […]

2016: Christie vs. Clinton

A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey currently enjoys a 74-percent approval rating, the highest rating among the governors of the seven states that Quinnipiac polls. That’s an impressive number. It’s the highest rating Quinnipiac has shown any governor of having in their 17 years of polling. It’s even higher than Obama’s job approval when he was first elected to the presidency. Quinnipiac also asked those surveyed about a 2016 presidential race between Christie Read more […]

Gun Grabber Obama OKs Armed Guards for Life for Own Family

You and your family aren’t worth as much to the world as President Obama. Or first lady Michelle. Or Sasha. Or Malia. Or, heck, even first dog Bo. On Thursday, Obama signed a bill that will allow him, President Bush and future presidents lifetime Secret Service protection. The new law repeals a mid-1990s law that had limited Secret Service details to 10 years after a president’s term. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by Obama signing such a bill while he has his lackeys working feverishly Read more […]