What Law Is and What Law Isn’t and Why It Matters

Last year, the legislature in my state of Maryland, enacted something called Senate Bill 281.  This “enactment” (notice, please, that I am not calling it a “law”) blatantly violates the God-given right for Marylanders to keep and bear arms for their individual and common defense, and its purpose and intent run contrary to the clear language of the Second Amendment. Now, as I said, I am calling SB281 an “enactment,” and I am NOT calling it a “law.” My source of authority for NOT calling it Read more […]

Unlawful Acts Of Congress Are Not Binding On Your County

More than 40 years ago, the Congress of these united States enacted something called the Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972.  These amendments to previous enactments and their progeny have come to be known as the federal “Clean Water Act.” Under this act, and later refinements and fine-tuning, these enactments have led the various states, including my state of Maryland, to enact measures which enforce the standards and requirements of this Act.  The enforcement of these Read more […]

“Pretended Legislation” Must Get No Rubber Stamp

The United States of America began when moral, God-fearing men realized and acted on the realization that legislation put forth by Parliament and King George, III, was not, in fact, legal.   The Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, the Intolerable Acts, and other measures did not meet the standard required to make them “lawful.”  Because of this, the authors of our Declaration of Independence labeled these measures as “pretended legislation.” Our colonial legislatures then interposed Read more […]