Why Free College for Prisoners is a Bad Idea

Free college for prisoners is appealing, but it dispenses with justice. Barack Obama is about to start giving Pell grants that will provide free college for prisoners. Both those in state and federal prisons will be affected, according to Politico. Of course, this will be done in contradiction to law passed by Congress. On Monday, [Education Secretary, Arne] Duncan said that restoring Pell eligibility for those potential students is one way his agency hopes to increase college affordability. “We’ll Read more […]

Rethinking the Prison-Industrial Complex

While some Democrats are advocating prison camps, others are pointing out the prison-industrial complex is claiming too many Americans. Some conservatives think that drug laws are necessary and others have a more “libertarian” approach. But there is no way to deny that some of the penalties imposed have been insane. Weirdly, at the same time that a prominent Democrat is advocating “segregation” in camps for what amounts to pre-crime, many Democrats and Republicans are reconsidering the Read more […]

Mass Killer Is Enrolled in College: The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

Mass killer Anders Breivik gets to start a degree in political science courtesy of the government. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Anders Breivik slaughters a bunch of people to make some kind of political statement. Now he’s getting his college degree. Newser.com reports, “Mass Killer Breivik Is Going to College.” Convicted mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is going to college. The 36-year-old right-wing extremist, serving 21 years in prison for killing 77 people in politically Read more […]

Kill a Prisoner to Harvest Organs?

A prisoner is asking to be killed because he wants to harvest organs for his parents. According to WARN-TV in Nashville, “Tennessee inmate asks to die to help ailing parents live.” An inmate housed at the Turney Center in Hickman County is asking the Tennessee Supreme Court to allow him the right to die in prison so his organs can be harvested for his ailing parents. Kenneth Thomas, 37, is not ill. In fact, other than being asthmatic, he reports being in relatively good health. Thomas was Read more […]

Judge: California Taxpayers Must Mutilate Man’s Genitals

California Taxpayers are on the hook because prisoner wants to be castrated so he can more closely resemble a woman. It blows my mind that men mocking the female form are not considered repulsive to feminists. But that is only one of the many mind-blowing elements in this story. The AP report was posted by Newser.com: “California Is Ordered to Pay for Inmate’s Sex Change.” California’s corrections department must provide a transgender inmate with sex reassignment surgery, a federal judge Read more […]

Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Leadership?

Activism is driven by money, not black lives. I hope this makes all the race-baiters squeal.  They can save their ink and they can save their time; I will not apologize for speaking the truth.  Someone needs to expose the frauds. For most of my life I bought into the white-guilt that the media so diligently worked to shove down my throat.  Most white-Americans are still programmed to feel guilty for the way that blacks have been treated as if we are each individually responsible for Read more […]

Killer Suing Prison Over Porn Ban; Might Win

A porn ban for Connecticut prisons might get overturned by prisoner’s lawsuit. WFSB 3 Connecticut If we applied the death penalty to all murder, we wouldn’t have to deal with this! What makes this case a threat is that the plaintiff is being wise and not arguing for the right to view X-rated videos. He is arguing for access to an “art book” that contains a collection of nude models. According to Associated Press, Dwight Pink Jr., 44, says in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Read more […]

Murderer Confessed to Get Deal from Prosecutors

No deal from prosecutors; no delays. This beast should be dispatched before 2015 arrives. I’m basing my opinion on the story in the Chicago Tribune, “Murder charges filed against suspect in deaths of 7 women in Gary, Hammond.” A convicted sex offender has been charged with the murder of one of seven women found dead in Gary and Hammond over the weekend as police continue their investigation, including the suspect’s possible involvement in other murders stretching back decades, police Read more […]

Three Years in Prison Without a Trial

In United States law, no one is supposed to go to prison without a trial. Supposedly, the only reason to hold people is if they are a “flight risk.” No one is supposed to be punished with prison time until and unless he is convicted in a court of law. No one is supposed to be forced to wait forever in abeyance; Americans are supposed to get a speedy trial. But that is all fiction. It seems like an accused man in New York City (and probably elsewhere) has as many rights as a marine imprisoned Read more […]

Latest Compassion Upgrade: Euthanasia for Prisoners

Euthanasia for prisoners is a horrible idea no matter how appealing it seems. Governments first take away justice by ending the death penalty, and then reintroduce a way to kill prisoners based on “compassion” or “mercy.” It is a terrible exchange. The pioneer case comes to us from Belgium (which should surprise no one). It is easy to applaud the man’s death. He is a murderer and a multiple rapist. He should have been executed and not wasted a dime more of taxpayer money. But just Read more […]

Forever Jail is a Fail

A nineteen-year-old robbed two video stores with a rifle. No shots fired. No injuries. But it was unquestionably a violent crime (He says the rifle was not loaded. I’m curious why the news team wasn’t able to verify that simple fact. I understand that it is legally irrelevant according to the statute book, but it should at least be recorded.) He was duly caught and convicted. Rene Lima-Marin was sentenced. His lawyer told him that he was to serve sixteen years in prison. According to Fox News Read more […]

Crime Pays A Great Deal… for The Prison System

CBS News begins the story this way: While the old saying notes that crime doesn’t pay, that doesn’t hold true for America’s system of incarceration, which has seen spending more than triple since 1980. That means each U.S. resident is paying about $260 per year on corrections, up from $77 per person in 1980, thanks to the country’s annual $80 billion price tag for incarceration, according to a new report from The Hamilton Project, which is part of Washington, D.C., think tank The Brookings Institution. Prison Read more […]