Latest Compassion Upgrade: Euthanasia for Prisoners

Euthanasia for prisoners is a horrible idea no matter how appealing it seems. Governments first take away justice by ending the death penalty, and then reintroduce a way to kill prisoners based on “compassion” or “mercy.” It is a terrible exchange. The pioneer case comes to us from Belgium (which should surprise no one). It is easy to applaud the man’s death. He is a murderer and a multiple rapist. He should have been executed and not wasted a dime more of taxpayer money. But just Read more […]

New KY Law Allows Prisoners to Earn $100 Per Day Towards Their Bail

As a tax payer, I was outraged last weekend to learn that a new law in Kentucky allows certain prisoners to earn $100 per day while they are in jail that can then be used towards their bail.  Not only did it upset me to know that my tax dollars were be used in this way, but I was also outraged to learn how the law was being applied. Back in 2012, 23 year old Justin Harvill worked for the Head Start program in Boone County, Kentucky.  Harvill worked in the early childhood education program, until Read more […]

Why Do We Treat Prisoners Better Than Our Elderly?

Having the wonderful wife that I do, she often sends me things that may be worth writing about and this is one of them.  She gleaned these words of wisdom from someone’s post on Facebook.  I often ignore these, but this one got my attention, partially because I once worked in the intensive care section of a nursing home and partially because I am utterly disgusted with our prison system. The wonderful words of wisdom are: “Here is some food for thought…We should place the elderly in prisons. Read more […]