CO State Computer Upgrade Botched by Geniuses Who Gave Us

I hate getting personal about government failures because then people are tempted to believe that they can fix the problems by simply replacing the people involved. But sometimes one finds that government gets botched because incredibly incompetent people are involved. Of course, that doesn’t mean that structural problems in government are unrelated to the problems of bad people. One problem with government is precisely that those who are spending other people’s money (i.e. the taxpayers) Read more […]

Governments Can’t Make Wealth. They Just Take Yours.

I recently read a comment on this very site that I thought well-expressed a common misconception most people (even conservatives) have concerning the civil government’s role in the national economy. (Note: I corrected various typos.) We know that for every two employees who get laid off, one additional worker gets laid off somewhere else. [We do?] US Gov. stats indicate that some 840,000 federal, local, and state employees have been laid off or not replaced. That translates into another 300,000 Read more […]