Justice Department on Hillary Clinton: Move Along; Nothing to See Here

The Justice Department on Hillary Clinton sounds like it is part of her campaign organization. You may remember that, in addition to the issue of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, there was also the question about how we could know if she released all the emails. The report of the Justice Department on Hillary Clinton makes it clear that they have no doubts whatsoever. Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner, “Justice Department on emails: No reason Read more […]

Have Hillary Clinton Supporters Changed their Minds?

Why are Hillary Clinton supporters advocating the superiority of the private sector to the Federal government? Hillary Clinton supporters are suddenly telling us that privately developed solutions are better and more secure than the services offered by the Federal government? I love the message but I don’t understand how any of Hillary Clinton’s political principles can survive such a message. Doesn’t she approve of Obamacare? How are Hillary Clinton supporters advocating private enterprise? Read more […]