Abortion Trivialized And Advocated In A Video Game

Do not ever be so naïve as to believe that liberals want women simply to have the choice as to whether they carry a pregnancy to term or destroy the little rascal they allowed inside of them. They have a catchphrase that they apply to abortion to deceive people into believing they’re more moderate than their support of barbarism would otherwise indicate: “We want abortions to be safe and rare,” they say. “Safe and rare.” Pro-lifers would like abortion to be rare as well, at the bare minimum, Read more […]

Pro-Abortion Activists Are Like Westboro Baptist Church Members

Pro-choicers are masterful manipulators who long ago discovered the powers of Orwellian double-speak: They can support whatever cause they want as long as they rename that cause to something that has a happy sound. Then it will be assumed automatically that any opposition to them is against that good thing. They are not pro-abortion, they tell us, but pro-choice. And how can any freedom-loving individual be against choice? Thus the pro-choicers receive superficial support from those who don’t bother Read more […]