HULU — “Controversial” Ads Are Not Allowed

Hulu television streaming service is very popular.  I watch HULU, and I hate the ads.  But I am not willing to pay an additional $4 a month to subscribe ad-free. Since advertising revenue is crucial to the streaming service’s business model, it is perplexing when the company refuses ads that it deems “controversial.”  According to World Magazine, here’s what happened: Online streaming service Hulu has refused to air commercials produced by Students for Life of America (SFLA) that encourage Read more […]

Michigan Doctor Investigated for Performing Illegal, Private Abortions

Abortion proponents of the world always say that abortion must be legal so the lives of women can be protected when they undergo abortion procedures.  Now, one of their own doctors is under investigation for possibly performing illegal abortions.  Why would this be necessary when legal abortion is available? 7 Action News, the ABC affiliate in Detroit, reported, The police in West Bloomfield found questionable evidence in a trunk of a car that suggests an area doctor may have been performing Read more […]

Why You Should Be Pro-Choice

These people do not actually support the idea of “choice,” but rather that of a particular outcome: abortion.   In the truest sense of the word, there is nothing more American than being pro-choice. This land was first settled by men seeking actual freedom of choice; this being religious freedom. As free will comes from God, men objected to the unlawful authority of their governments. If they were not free to choose for themselves the guiding principles of their lives, they were not Read more […]

Abortion Trivialized And Advocated In A Video Game

Do not ever be so naïve as to believe that liberals want women simply to have the choice as to whether they carry a pregnancy to term or destroy the little rascal they allowed inside of them. They have a catchphrase that they apply to abortion to deceive people into believing they’re more moderate than their support of barbarism would otherwise indicate: “We want abortions to be safe and rare,” they say. “Safe and rare.” Pro-lifers would like abortion to be rare as well, at the bare minimum, Read more […]

Pro-Choice Journalist Now Pro-Life After Covering Gosnell Trial

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell could have national ramifications if he is convicted of the charges against him.  However, very few of the mainstream media have bothered to cover the trial.  The courtroom seats reserved for media remain mostly vacant day after day.  They don’t want to cover the trial because it deals with abortion and paints a very gory picture at the controversial practice. However, there have been a few reporters there covering the trial, but they are largely from Read more […]

Pro-Abortion Activists Are Like Westboro Baptist Church Members

Pro-choicers are masterful manipulators who long ago discovered the powers of Orwellian double-speak: They can support whatever cause they want as long as they rename that cause to something that has a happy sound. Then it will be assumed automatically that any opposition to them is against that good thing. They are not pro-abortion, they tell us, but pro-choice. And how can any freedom-loving individual be against choice? Thus the pro-choicers receive superficial support from those who don’t bother Read more […]

Liberals Adore Abortion

In light of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape,” I want to look at those two topics, rape and abortion, rather than, as I did Tuesday, looking at Akin’s comments. One of the holiest of sacraments to liberals is abortion. They do not simply support the freedom of choice, but specifically the choice that results in a baby being turned into merely the remains of a baby. We know they prefer abortion to birth for the following reason: The pro-“choice” crowd never tries to encourage Read more […]