HULU — “Controversial” Ads Are Not Allowed

Hulu television streaming service is very popular.  I watch HULU, and I hate the ads.  But I am not willing to pay an additional $4 a month to subscribe ad-free. Since advertising revenue is crucial to the streaming service’s business model, it is perplexing when the company refuses ads that it deems “controversial.”  According to World Magazine, here’s what happened: Online streaming service Hulu has refused to air commercials produced by Students for Life of America (SFLA) that encourage Read more […]

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Cause Fear Among Disabled

Things are confusing in the world today. First, the culture, headed up by the media, tells us that we need to tolerate everyone.  Hate-speech is not allowed.  If someone is transgender or homosexual or a crossdresser, we are to tolerate and even embrace them because they were born that way. Then, when we hear about disabled people, we hear how brave they are.  Or, how about a terminally ill person, he is brave, too.  This is, of course, true.  People with disabilities and terminal illnesses Read more […]

Michigan Doctor Investigated for Performing Illegal, Private Abortions

Abortion proponents of the world always say that abortion must be legal so the lives of women can be protected when they undergo abortion procedures.  Now, one of their own doctors is under investigation for possibly performing illegal abortions.  Why would this be necessary when legal abortion is available? 7 Action News, the ABC affiliate in Detroit, reported, The police in West Bloomfield found questionable evidence in a trunk of a car that suggests an area doctor may have been performing Read more […]

California Legislature: Pro-Lifers Must Push Tax-Funded Abortions

The California State Assembly just passed a law forcing crisis pregnancy centers to tell clients about “free” tax-funded abortions available to them. I guess it was only a matter of time before a blue state would try to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote tax-funded abortions available in the state. [See also, “Shock & Dismay for American Abortionists.”] reports: “California passes bill forcing pro-life centers to push abortion.” On Tuesday, Read more […]

Another No Free Speech Zone Getting Pushed Back

We don’t have victory yet, but the no free speech zone in Maine is now being assaulted. As reported in, The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm, based in Ann Arbor, MI, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday challenging Portland, Maine’s Ordinance 17-108, which creates a 39-foot “buffer zone” around Portland’s one abortion clinic, Portland Health Center which is run by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.  Portland attorney, Stephen C. Whiting, Read more […]

If RNC Is Joining March For Life; Then Anti-Abortion Must Be A Winning Position

This news from the Washington Times last night completely shocked me: “GOP to make big statement on abortion.” In an unprecedented show of opposition to abortion, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is delaying the start of the party’s annual winter meeting so he and other committee members can join the March for Life on the National Mall, The Washington Times has learned. Mr. Preibus, a plain-spoken Greek Orthodox attorney from Wisconsin, will join members of his party’s Read more […]

Culture War Still Worth Waging: Fetal Pain Provides A New Battlefront

Anyone who knows me knows Lindsey Graham is not my favorite Senator. But I am going to thank him anyway for backing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the Senate. The House of Representatives has already passed the law. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” last weekend, Mr. Graham noted that protecting pain-capable unborn children from the horror of abortion “is a debate worthy of a great democracy.” There is substantial medical evidence that unborn children are capable of experiencing Read more […]

Pro-Choice Journalist Now Pro-Life After Covering Gosnell Trial

The murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell could have national ramifications if he is convicted of the charges against him.  However, very few of the mainstream media have bothered to cover the trial.  The courtroom seats reserved for media remain mostly vacant day after day.  They don’t want to cover the trial because it deals with abortion and paints a very gory picture at the controversial practice. However, there have been a few reporters there covering the trial, but they are largely from Read more […]

Federal Judge: Pro-Life License Plates Are Unconstitutional

In a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of pro-abortionists, a federal judge ruled that it was unconstitutional for North Carolina to issue pro-life license plates unless they also issued ones appealing to abortion proponents. A North Carolina Fox affiliate reported:  “U.S. District Court Judge James C. Fox ruled on Friday that North Carolina cannot produce or distribute the ‘Choose Life’ plate. Judge Fox concluded, ‘The State’s offering of a Choose Life license plate in the absence Read more […]

GOP Convention Goes to Bat for Akin

Yesterday, the GOP Convention voted in favor of a party platform that supported banning abortion. This came on the heels of a CNN poll released late last week that showed that the vast majority of Americans favored either very limited legality or complete illegality of abortion. For once, the GOP seems to be making a statement and sticking to it. What is particularly interesting about this decision is that the GOP has essentially taken Todd Akin’s position and not Mitt Romney’s. However ineloquently Read more […]

Yellow Journalism is Alive and Well

Democrats are getting desperate. Or perhaps I should say, Democrats are getting even more desperate. Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate has put big-government liberals into panic-mode. They are clamoring for anything and everything to throw at the duo. Their latest low blow would be downright humorous if they weren’t actually serious. But they are serious, which makes it rather sad and pathetic. In an article on the Mother Jones website, Stephanie Mencimer makes the claim Read more […]