Think Liberals Oppose Profiling? Andrea Mitchell Doesn’t

When Liberals claim they are against profiling, they are only opposed to the use of reason. Stupid stereotypes that serve liberal fantasies are fine with them. Wow. Listen to and watch what happens as soon as this witness tells Andrea Mitchell  (at about 44 seconds in) that Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez “obviously” was “devout,” and that he was Muslim and that he or his sister (I’m not clear which or both) “always talked about religion.” Mitchell’s next question to Valerie Levitt, Read more […]

Following A Suspect Eyewitness Description Is Now “Racial Profiling”?

Liberal students and professors to University Police: “Please ignore and deny reality when doing your jobs. If you need advice on how to do this on a consistent basis, we Progressives would be more than happy to demonstrate how we live in that state of denial every moment of every day.” From CBS Minnesota: “‘U’ Students Want Crime Alerts To Avoid Using Racial Descriptions.” The organizations wrote that while campus safety is crucial, the profiling can be devastating for black male Read more […]

Trayvon’s Actions That Night Proved He Was Dangerous

Much has been made of Trayvon Martin’s age, a relatively young 17 to his shooter’s 28. It has been used as an emotional trigger to inhibit all rational analyses of the events that occurred 16 months ago, during which a high-school student with drugs in his system blindsided a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, by attacking him from behind, out of nowhere, with a jarring, wrap-around punch to the nose, and, climbing atop the toppled Zimmerman, grabbing and slamming his skull into the pavement. Sure, Read more […]

Profiling is OK in Obama’s Banana Republic

In 1971 Woody Allen directed and starred in the comedy Bananas. The plot entailed the takeover of San Marcos, a fictional Latin American country, by military revolutionaries. The beloved leader of the revolution, once in power, implements decrees of mounting irrationality. The escalation of his paranoia becomes impossible to miss with decree that citizens must change their underwear every hour and that it must be worn on the outside so he can check. Substitute the beloved, military revolutionary Read more […]

My Recent Disappointing Experience With The TSA

I just got back from traveling to the liberal land of Massachusetts. I didn’t see their celebrated female Cherokee Senator, Elizabeth “Crock of Bull” Warren, on my plane, nor any obviously Muslim passengers, so I had a good flight. (If that last part about Muslims makes me a bigot, so be it; bigotry and realism are not mutually exclusive.) In preparation for my travels yesterday, I fully expected to experience firsthand, for the first time, being profiled by the Transportation Security Administration. Why Read more […]