Gambling Prohibition, Monopolies, and the “Trump” Bankruptcies: A Lesson for Conservatives

In case I get accused of libertarianism (again!), since I am writing criticisms of gambling prohibition, let me just say that I am not one. I am a Christian who thinks the Bible is the authoritative word of God that contains wisdom for all people in all places. And in the Bible, I see that a great deal of behavior can bring about bad consequences. But I don’t see all that behavior being illegal. I do see many examples of laws and government prohibitions on sex outside of marriage (thus, I can’t Read more […]

Pat Buchanan Condemns Freedom To Smoke Pot And Own AR-15s

As the Daily Caller (who originally posted the video) reports: Buchanan discussed legalization with John McLaughlin during Saturday’s “The McLaughlin Group,” with McLaughlin asking whether “the era of pot prohibition is coming to an end.” “I think it is, to a degree, coming to an end, which means there will be more potheads, and more high school dropouts and more automobile accidents involving marijuana, John,” he said. […] “There’s no doubt that there’s a real trend Read more […]

Should Conservatives Lobby Feds To Crack Down On Colorado Pot Smokers Or Sellers?

I’m a conservative and not a libertarian. But I think drug laws are tyrannical and need to be repealed. Obviously, not all conservatives will agree with me. But I want to mostly talk in this post about some basic conservative principles we should all agree on. 1. Whether or not drugs should be decriminalized (I’m going to avoid using the word “legal” for reasons I will explain later), it is obviously, under our Constitution, up to state governments to make the decision for our states. One Read more […]

FDA Pursues More Arbitrary Food Fascism

The same people who will allow you to eat genetically-modified organism without your knowledge or consent are going to make artificial trans fats illegal. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed measures that would all but eliminate artificial trans fats, the artery clogging substance that is a major contributor to heart disease in the United States, from the food supply. Under the proposal, which is open for public comment for 60 days, the agency would declare that partially hydrogenated Read more […]

Representative Jackson Lee: “Don’t Condemn The Gangbangers,” It’s The Guns’ Fault

Last week, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee spoke on the House floor in favor of more restrictions that prohibit law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families from criminals. She pleaded with fellow lawmakers to run to the defense of the gangbangers, telling them that it’s not the criminals’ fault. It’s that we don’t have more laws restricting guns:  “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw Read more […]

NBC: Chicago Murder Rate High Because Gun Rights Still Exist Elsewhere

It was on NBC’s Nightly News that correspondent Kevin Tibbes lamented that despite Chicago’s draconian gun control laws that prohibit gun shows inside city limits, it still has high murder rates, and the city is “awash in guns.” Guest and UCLA law professor claimed that it wasn’t the gun control laws’ fault. In fact, quite the contrary:  “Chicago certainly has strict gun control laws. But the difficulty is that outlying areas outside of Chicago and in other states, neighboring Illinois, Read more […]

75-Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs Are Now Outlawed

75-watt incandescent light bulbs are now outlawed effective New Year’s Day. Stores will be allowed to empty their shelves, but manufacturers and stores are now prohibited from making them or importing them. One year from now, 60W and 40W bulbs will also be outlawed. The government is pushing their “green” energy solutions by prohibiting these wasteful light bulbs and promoting Light-Emitting Diode bulbs (LED’s) and Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL’s). Consumer Reports’ Celia Kuperzmid-Lehrman Read more […]