Mass Shootings Call for Fire Control & Bicycle Control

Assuming Liberals stop trying to frame homeschoolers for mass shootings and go back to trying to frame the Second Amendment, here is an interesting headline from “FBI: More People Murdered with Fire Than in Mass Shootings.” According to FBI crime statistics and the bureau’s recent study on “active shooter” incidents (ACIs) in the US, far more people are murdered with fire than are killed in mass shootings. […] On September 24, the FBI released their study on ACIs showing Read more […]

Edmonds School District Submits to Michelle Obama: No Birthday Food Celebrations

Michelle Obama and her entourage of Federal thugs have zero control on what kids buy and eat on their way home from school. She has zero control over how they eat at home. In fact, among lower income kids, it is virtually certain that many are growing obese on government food stamps. So her forces are actually fattening up these kids—for what end, I don’t care to guess. So, in the midst of all the rows of cheap doughnuts and chips (filled with government subsidized wheat and corn, all of which Read more […]