NC Wants to Punish People for Talking about Food and Health

The North Carolina legislature is about to prohibit us common people from talking about food and health because only doctors can be trusted. You would think, with a presidential candidate using a non-FDA-approved diet, that this kind of thing would go away. Instead, I think we are about to see many attempts to suppress people from taking care of their own health under the color of that euphemism for tyranny—“public health.” Thomas Jefferson had it right: “Was the government to prescribe Read more […]

Playing With Ebola is Gambling With Human Lives

There’s hardly a student today who is not inflicted by the leftist version of history in which all evil is America’s responsibility. In that version of reality, Europeans beginning with Columbus committed “genocide” against native Americans by simply bringing illnesses with them from Europe to American shores that the native population had no immunity to. Those European settlers of course had no concept of the germ theory of disease and no such intention of killing  anyone by way of biological Read more […]

Madness Housing Is Also Birth-Control Housing: Liberals In Power Love Micro-Apartments

Rush Limbaugh yesterday made some excellent comments spring-boarding off this article in the New York Daily news: “Micro-apartments planned in NYC can lead to major psychological problems: report.” Micro-apartments could lead to major psychological problems, a report shows. The city plans to build a residential tower of apartments between 250 and 370 square feet at 225 E. 27th St. in Manhattan. But health experts say that placing people in their 30s and 40s living in such cramped spaces can Read more […]

Obamacare As Anti-Second-Amendment Government Harassment Tool

Two doctors have reported that swimming pools are a real threat to our nation’s children, among high numbers of drowning deaths for all ages in all water locations every year. “While public health resources and policies have largely focused on water parks and beaches, it may be more crucial to intervene on home swimming pools,” said Arin L. Madenci, the study’s co-author. [But see below!] This should not be a surprise. A glance at the Center For Disease Control’s page on water-related Read more […]