Subtract 41 Percent (Or More) From New Jobs Number; Governments Hired Them

When a person “gets a job” he exchanges the use of his time for wages. Typically this is doled out in terms of being paid a certain amount for a time period of labor, but it always comes down to the worker doing something that profits the employer so that the employer is willing to pay him. But what about government? People who work for the government might do things that are good and necessary—for example, deliver the mail or teach students. But outside of government, and outside of Read more […]

Governments Can’t Make Wealth. They Just Take Yours.

I recently read a comment on this very site that I thought well-expressed a common misconception most people (even conservatives) have concerning the civil government’s role in the national economy. (Note: I corrected various typos.) We know that for every two employees who get laid off, one additional worker gets laid off somewhere else. [We do?] US Gov. stats indicate that some 840,000 federal, local, and state employees have been laid off or not replaced. That translates into another 300,000 Read more […]