Did Governments Donate to the Clinton Foundation out of Altruism?

When governments donate to a “philanthropic organization,” we can bet they expect something in return. The Clinton corruption machine is becoming too obvious for anyone to ignore. Now, in the case of Islamic states we find governments donate to the Clinton Foundation and, by sheer coincidence, get favors from the State Department. No less a Left-wing source than Slate.com reports, “Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals.” Repressive regimes Read more […]

Memorial Day Means Support the Troops, not their Killers

That sickening feeling you get on Memorial Day when you read about your government intentionally empowering terrorists. Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day wherein we honor those who have demonstrated commitment, and often suffered so much in what was usually an honest attempt to serve the land they love. Many of these fellow countrymen deserve our gratitude and respect. As for those who send them overseas at the behest of psychopaths, lobbyists, and other criminal masterminds who should never Read more […]

No to Indiana “Discrimination,” but Killing Homosexuals Okay?

Businesses that want to boycott Indiana have no problem doing businesses in countries where killing homosexuals is considered just. How does that work? I noticed back when the Obama Administration was publicly denouncing Russia for a law restricting homosexuality, that it was entirely hypocritical to condemn a country for using prison sentences against child-abusers and be friends and allies with a country (Saudi Arabia) that beheaded homosexuals. Now Breitbart.com points out the same thing Read more […]

American Couple Abandoned as Sacrifice to Empire

In order to have a “war on terror,” we basically not only arm and support terrorists, but we bend over to stay friends with “states” that themselves practice what amounts to terrorism. A couple of recent victims of this “terrorism” are Matthew and Grace Huang. They are in prison in Qatar for plotting to adopt a child, bring her to Qatar, and kill her, in order to sell her organs on the black market. The charges are entirely lacking in any evidence (as is shown by the fact that the Read more […]

Muslim Countries Call for Homosexual Apartheid (Will Liberals Notice?)

Well lookee here what’s about to happen in the Gulf Cooperation Countries! Them wacky Arabs are at it again; pushing the envelope of common decency. We’ve discovered long ago, the Muslim penchant for abusing women; honor killings, marriage to an abuse of young girls, stonings and such. Now that they have that whole female domination thing worked out, it’s evidently time to tackle the homosexual scourge in the Middle East. I frankly wasn’t aware that the Middle East is a hotbed of LGBT Read more […]

Al Gore Sells Network to Oil-Rich Muslims, Pockets $70 Million

What if an American radio network had sold its properties to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or Imperial Japan knowing full well that the network might one day be used for propaganda purposes? What if you had learned that a former vice president of the United States made about $70 million on the deal? You would be outraged. But there’s been nary a peep of protest. Americans are asleep or so glued to their TV sets that they are oblivious to the fact that their country is being dismantled brick Read more […]