Jihawg Ammo: Putting the “Ham” in Muhammad

For years, my pastor used to recommend that we dip our ammo in pig’s blood and tell Muslim terrorists we were doing it. He said this would end the Muslim jihad against us overnight. Pork is “haraam” to Muslims, meaning it is sinful—unclean. According to my pastor, if you eat or even touch pork as a Muslim, you cannot enter paradise until you are cleansed. Haraam should not be confused with “harem” which is what all the jihadists think they will be getting when they get to heaven. That’s Read more […]

Is It Muslim Terrorism Yet?

Oh, it’s just a couple of typical American kids — that was Michael Moore’s reaction. The American system twisted a couple of good Chechen boys — from the president of Chechnya. The two boys suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were angels who are being set up by American officials — the bombing suspects’ parents and aunt said  that. But Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not typical, they weren’t angels and regardless of their citizenship status they were clearly Muslim first. The Read more […]