As Long As Affirmative Action Remains, Racial Division Will Continue

Now that the racial demagoguery of President Obama’s second inaugural speech is over and we’ve confirmed for a second time that America is overall not an anti-black nation, it would be reasonable to assume that the focus on skin color and all talk thereof will be done away with, never to taint our political discussions anymore. But then we must be reminded that this is a land in which liberals are holding the reins of both government and media, and all those hopes that we’ll never again have to Read more […]

The Irony Of Obama Inauguration Falling On MLK Day

Today President Barack Obama becomes the first half-white President to complete a first term and the first half-white president to be inaugurated into a second. Presidential inaugurations typically fall on January 20, but as that date this year fell on a Sunday, it was decided that Obama’s second coronation would occur Monday, on the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Day. There is still much argument between left and right as to whether King was a socialist or a conservative, each side Read more […]

Obama and Holder Make Me Nostalgic For Malcolm X

I know there were many problems and evils in the life and legacy of Malcolm X. But I still can’t deny that I find things that he has said to provide more wisdom than anything I hear lately from politicians and journalist and academicians of any race. Today someone reminded me that next month is Black (or African-American) History Month. It made me do some searching and I came across this document. “The Constitution of the United States of America clearly affirms the right of every American Read more […]

Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

Why is it every time there’s a disagreement with a politician who is black, it’s not about the policy, it’s about race? So what do we make of constant criticism by conservatives of Bill Clinton when he was president? The guy was whiter than rice. Some of the same policy criticisms leveled against Clinton are being leveled against Obama. And what do we make of the constant attacks by the Left of blacks when they are conservatives or serve in a Republican administration? Colin Powell is Read more […]

Supporting a $100 Dollar a Day Habit with Food Stamps

In 2011, the Federal Government spent $107 billion dollars on welfare programs for American families and children. Mandatory drug screening for social welfare recipients should be a moral imperative in the United States. Contrary to what liberals would like you to believe welfare recipient drug abuse is an epidemic in our nation. The black market food stamp business is bleeding the taxpayer and destroying lives every day. After 10 years of reckless behavior a Texas mother on welfare is facing Read more […]

Minorities are Window Dressing for the Democrats

Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa accused Republicans of using Hispanic speakers during their convention as “window dressing.” Liberals are all about window dressing. Once you get inside the store, the shelves are bare or stocked with worn out political clichés and empty promises. This is especially true when it comes to minorities. Liberals have taken away the “Colored” signs from water fountains and bathrooms, but they still won’t let them into their living room unless Read more […]