Does an Immigration “Activist” Know Of New Plans For Barack Obama to Use His Pen?

When a guy gets on TV and starts making predictions that the President will do stuff he wants the President to do, we can hope he is simply lobbying by posing as a reporter. His speculations are nothing more than that, but he is hoping that his speculations will be taken seriously both to give President Obama ideas and to build up support for the actions. But what if he really has been told what the President is planning to do? In this case, CNS News reports on the claims made by Telemundo Read more […]

Yet More “Nothing To Support” Obamacare As Predator Drone For Jobs

I have to admit I am still shocked by the brazen lying on the part of Steve Benon on behalf of the Rachel Maddow’s campaign for Regimecare: As a substantive matter, the right-wing senator’s argument is predicated on an assumption: the Affordable Care Act will put working-class Americans out of their jobs. He said as much in his little speech: “We know that Obamacare is killing jobs all across the country. Indeed, Obamacare is the biggest job killer in this nation.” The problem, of course, Read more […]

Liberal MSNBC Double Digit Drop in Ratings

I don’t know if there is any main stream media that is more liberal than MSNBC.  Its number one program is The Rachel Maddow Show, hosted by lesbian gay activist Rachel Maddow.  If you’ve ever listened to her, you would quickly realize that her agenda is so far left wing that she almost makes Nancy Pelosi look like a conservative.  I’ve watched a couple of web segments that featured her with a panel that included conservatives and it was obvious that she refused to listen to anything they Read more […]

And the loser is… Jim Lehrer

Poor Jim Lehrer. You can be relatively certain that you’ve lost a debate when you try to distract people from what was said to how well the moderator did his job. By all counts—even the ever-liberal Bill Maher—Mitt Romney easily won last night’s presidential debate. It was obvious that Romney was more prepared, and more passionate. Obama looked lost and overwhelmed. He certainly didn’t come across as the “leader of the free world.” But what is most telling is the negative criticism Read more […]