The New Word For Racist Attack: “Derogatory”

The media is becoming frighteningly complicit in turning a blind eye to widespread racism and racist violence. I reported awhile back about an anomalous white thug who engaged in “the knockout game” against an African American victim. Now here is a story from a local CBS affiliate about mob violence in Cleveland: Cleveland authorities have made several arrests following the mob beating of a disabled Army veteran by a group of teenagers. Last Friday, the victim, Matthew Robinson, was surrounded Read more […]

Cornel West Upset With Obama’s Homosexual Favoritism

Cornel West is upset. Nothing new there. But I find it humorous what he’s upset about now. Apparently, black people are getting “pushed to the back of the bus” as Obama spends the lion’s share of his time supporting the homosexual cause. Yawn. “Pushed to the back of the bus”? Racial issues aren’t being “put on the back burner.” No, that’s not racially charged enough. If you’re not talking enough about how much black people have suffered, you’re obviously just as bad as Read more […]