Racism, Economic Illiteracy Fuel Campus Protests

Yesterday apparently was unofficial Protest Day at campuses across the country. Encouraged perhaps by the nonsense that has recently been going on at “Mizzou” — the University of Missouri — students around the nation took up their pickets and pitchforks and marched. What for exactly varied, and in some cases the students themselves didn’t seem too certain why they were making a hullabaloo. Racism seemed to be the main issue, although as befitted a fundamentally socialist movement, economics Read more […]

Mizzou–Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance

News of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s resignation came out on Monday morning.  The Mizzou football team went on strike in support of students on campus calling for racial equality and for the University to address discrimination issues on the predominantly white Columbia, MO, campus.  Football players protested in solidarity with hunger-striking student, John Butler, and said they would not play again until Wolfe resigned. Here’s the story from ABC News: In his announcement Wolfe Read more […]

Carson Surges; Media Get Their Racism On

As Ben Carson’s presidential candidacy seems to be soaring, the left-wing media are in a lather to destroy him. A new Quinnipiac poll shows Carson crushing Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a theoretical matchup. Therefore, the media have decided he must be stopped. This is what the media do to black Americans who stray from the liberal farm. It’s the same sort of attempted lynching given to Clarence Thomas all those years ago. To be sure, the lynching of Ben Carson hasn’t gotten into full Read more […]

L.A. Mayor Chased Out of Church by Black Lives Matter

You just can’t be liberal enough to please some people. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti found that out the hard way on Monday, as a group of Black Lives Matter protesters started charging the podium at a public meeting, leading Garcetti to exit stage left surrounded by police officers. In what was supposed to be a town hall meeting at Holman United Methodist Church, Garcetti had been expected to answer questions for the community about “economic opportunity and community safety,” according Read more […]

A Gay, Black ‘Victim’ Shoots Two Straight, White Co-Workers Live on News

A homosexual, African-American former TV journalist who had been fired from his job two years ago took his revenge on two white co-workers Wednesday, live on the news. The two victims, WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, were reporting live on a feature story from a local waterfront building complex when suddenly multiple shots were fired, striking Parker as she fled and knocking over Ward, whose camera continued to record before the feed was returned to the television studio, Read more […]

Black Lies Matter More Than Truth on Ferguson Anniversary

And here we go again with another state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri. In case you have blessedly forgotten what all the fuss was about, Ferguson was the scene a year ago of the shooting of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer, what’s-his-face. I don’t say that to be disrespectful to Officer Darren Wilson, who has had his life ruined for doing the right thing. But the majority of the media stories on the anniversary of that shooting focus on Brown and seem to have forgotten Read more […]

Soros Funding Ferguson, ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest Groups

In case you’ve wondered why exactly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, became a national news story, it’s not because it reveals any inherent racism in the system. Rather, it’s because dedicated, interconnected groups of outside agitators roused their rabble and exploited the gullible media to turn a straightforward shooting of a criminal suspect who attacked a police officer into a national scandal. Some of the groups that made that happen — such as  the Gamaliel Read more […]

Obamas Complain of all the Bias They’ve Faced

It’s certainly a rough life where you get to attend black tie dinners and eat at fancy restaurants on a regular basis. Just imagine the difficulties of having to struggle through that while being black. Well, President Obama and the first lady finally stopped holding back (like they ever did) and vented to People magazine about all the bias they’ve faced as a wealthy non-white couple. First off, Barry has in the past had trouble catching a cab. As everyone knows, that only happens if you’re Read more […]

In L.A., Even the Buses Are Racist

I actually like taking the bus in Los Angeles whenever it’s not too hot. It’s cheaper, it’s more relaxing, it gives me time to read, plus you get a little incidental exercise walking to and from the bus stop. Little did I realize I was supporting a racist system. At least, that seems to be the implication being made in a recent L.A. Weekly issue, which featured an article titled “Why Don’t White People in L.A. Take the Bus?” (The L.A. Weekly is one of those strange niche publications whose Read more […]

With a Rebel Yell, Liberals Scurry for Cover

You can always tell a liberal is scared when he demands that you apologize. And when he demands that you apologize for something you had nothing to do with, then he’s really scared. Such is the case with calls for Ted Cruz and other Republicans to apologize because some guy from Texas unfurled a Confederate flag in front of the White House yesterday. One guy, during the Million Vet March for the Memorials to reclaim our historical monuments from the clutches of the Obama Administration’s Read more […]

U.N. Butts In to Trayvon Martin Killing

Did I miss something? Did we just dissolve the national government and all our state governments and hand the keys to the United Nations while I was making a snack in the kitchen? I mean, I know the United Nations has for years through Agenda 21, the United Religions Initiative and support groups like the Council on Foreign Relations been trying to take over the United States and complete its hold on global power. But I don’t think the buyout’s been quite finalized just yet. Which makes Read more […]

DHS Employee Pushing Race War To Kill White People

Imagine if you will a person who operates a website that promotes a race war with the white race.  Now consider that this individual is involved in purchasing weapons and ammunition.  Lastly, what would you think if you knew that person worked for the Department of Homeland Security?  Would you feel all comfy and safe? Ayo Kimathi is a black man who has been working for the DHS since 2009 and his job has been the purchase of weapons and ammunition.  He also operates the website ‘War on the Read more […]