Hey Rangel, Those ‘White Crackers’ Are Your Bosses

Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel knows his crackers. He should. He’s a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus whose members claimed they were spat on and called racist names by Tea Party protesters during the Obamacare debate. (Personally, I can think of lots of reasons Democrat legislators should be spat upon, none of them having to do with skin color. But let Charlie have it his way. Here’s a HuffPo video of the alleged spitting incident involving Rep. Imanuel Cleaver, who later denied saying Read more […]

Muhammad Ali’s Controversial Comments About Race

Over the years I’ve gotten to appreciate Muhammad Ali. Yes, he was a showman, arrogant, and full of himself, but he changed the sport of boxing forever. He was also an anti-statist. He took on the federal government. While initially he lost in the courts, he later won in the arena of public opinion, and eventually the Supreme rendered a unanimous decision in his favor. Born Cassius Clay, at the age of 22 he won the world heavyweight championship in 1964 from Sonny Liston in a stunning upset. Read more […]

Trayvon a Cover for Black-on-Black and Black-on-White Crime

The government controlled media as well as the Administration wants us to believe the Trayvon Martin killing was the greatest racially inspired murder of modern time. However, what we are conveniently not told is the fact that George Zimmerman is also not Caucasian himself being part Latino. Realistically, what we have here is a simple case of a shooting of a minority by a considered minority. Thus, the acquittal of Zimmerman by far should not be a national issue. A case of a white waitress Read more […]

White History Month Parade Sign Called Racist & Offensive

This sign on a parade tractor was considered racist and offensive: White History Month: Hug Wte Ppl None of the following are considered to be racist or offensive: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Black Entertainment Channel Black History Month Congressional Black Caucus Miss Black America American Association of Blacks in Energy The Association of Black Psychologists National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. National Association of Black Read more […]

Blacks are Willing Democrat Mistresses

Brenda Lenard is the most outspoken Senate candidate you have never heard of… yet. Guns and Patriots, a division of Human Events, recently interviewed Brenda about guns, racism, and the Bible. On gun control, Lenard said: “It historically begins with blacks who were forbidden from owning guns. It was very easy for slave owners to keep and control blacks with gun control. The same thing is happening today. It is a slow process of gun confiscation.” One of her best answers in the entire interview Read more […]

Wisconsin Education Department Pushing for Race Wars

They won’t admit it if you ask them, but a new effort being promoted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction may only further the racial divides and bigotry and possibly lead to more racial violence. The Wisconsin DPI has been using several programs for teachers and students that focuses on ‘whiteness’ and ‘white privilege.’  One of those programs was CREATE Wisconsin, which is cultural sensitivity training program for teachers.  According to their webpage: “CREATE begins Read more […]

Bill Cosby Goes Racist Nutter on Us

Bill Cosby has joined the “If you criticize President Obama’s Policies you are a racist” crowd. Here’s what he said while sitting on a panel with host Soledad O’Brien and former Republican Congressman Connie Mack of Florida discussing racist attitudes in the 1960s. Cosby said that it’s really not that different today: “To see people sitting down when there are others standing and cheering [the President at his State of the Union address]. I think we have people sitting there who Read more […]

Black Principal Promotes Tutoring for Colored Only Students

Andre Pearson is the principal of Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.  In an effort to help students struggling with various subjects, he started an after school tutoring program.  Like any good principal, Pearson sent a letter home to parents to inform them of the new tutoring program. Unlike most principals, Pearson’s letter contained a bold statement of racial discrimination, only this time it discriminated against white students.  On the first line of the letter, it stated Read more […]

The Rampaging Gunman That Liberalism Built

Usually by now we would be inundated with stories in the mainstream media about how the latest mass murder spree was the result of the Tea Party or Sarah Palin, but in the case of Christopher Dorner, that entire stream of story lines is missing. That’s because Dorner left behind a 22-page (not 11-page) manifesto that makes it impossible to pretend he is anything but a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. It’s so clear, in fact, that most media outlets have posted a “redacted” version of the manifesto Read more […]

Democrat Says Racist ‘Crazy Crackers’ Killing GOP

The racism and bigotry of the Left is an old story; its hypocrisy on “equality” is writ large. As fervently as liberals believe in the seething hatred for humanity supposedly held by conservatives, they also believe in the purity of their own cause, which gave us groups like the KKK and Nazis. The race hucksters in the Democratic Party are just parodies of themselves, and no one on the Left seems to notice it. Take for example Democratic strategist and MSNBC political analyst Karen Finney, Read more […]

Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Being Black Matter only When Conservatives are in Power

Liberal hypocrisy is astounding. When Bill Clinton abused his office and had sex with Monica Lewinsky, not a single woman’s group spoke against him. Nothing was said by feminists when a number of women came forward and claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Clinton. During Republican administrations, minority groups continually did diversity head counts. Liberals are not really about racial and sexual diversity. They are all about ideology wrapped up in black skin and breasts. All they Read more […]

Trump Card of the Left: Perception over Truth

Conservatives must come to grips with the problem of Perception. No longer can we assume that truth and facts matter; that all Americans can grasp how big government means less freedom, or that they understand the urgency of fiscal sanity. We cannot assume ideas like personal responsibility and other values we learn through family and community remain the guiding force in America today. Democrats make assumptions about perception, not truth. Once the electorate embraces a Perception that is driven Read more […]