Violent Crime in Chicago on the Rise

The lingering effects of now-famous shootings in this country are definitely being felt.  In St. Louis, after Ferguson’s Mike Brown shooting, crime is running rampant.  Some say that crime was already on the rise in St. Louis before the Michael Brown incident, but even so, the Brown shooting seems to have started something. Police all over the country do their jobs differently after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.  And now, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor Read more […]

Rahm Emanuel Giving “Extemporaneous” Advice To GOP Is Really All About Hillary Clinton

The real help to conservatives found in Rahm Emanuel’s carefully planned remarks is not mentioned in the Mediaite column. Rather, the headline and the content are baited to direct conservatives to want to read the quotations from Rahm Emanuel and play the video. Medaite columnist Noah Rothman claims Emanuel was taking “an extemporaneous stroll through history” with CNN host Jake Tapper. I don’t think it was all that unplanned. Rahm Emanuel Takes a Swipe at Obama While Bashing the GOP on Read more […]

Is Chicago Following Detroit’s Example?

Earlier this month, Detroit became the largest city in the US to file for bankruptcy.  After 51 years of Democratic leadership, the city was so far in debt with no way to pay it off that it had no alternative but take the route they did. Another shining example of Democratic leadership is Chicago.  They have had a Democrat as mayor since Anton Cermak was sworn in in 1931.  But Chicago economics were always as bad as Detroit’s.  When Rahm Emanuel took over the Mayor’s seat in 2011, the Read more […]

Gun Deaths: Is this Chicago or Cairo?

Despite being seemingly bumped from the front pages, gun control is alive and well. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband showed up in New Hampshire last week to promote their anti-gun agenda. It appears as if Mayor Bloomberg is fronting the money for this nationwide tour. Big shocker. Since the Newtown shooting, it seems there haven’t been any mass murders. “Gun violence” in America seems to have temporarily subsided. We haven’t heard of any shootings in months. Could that really be or is it Read more […]

I’ve Seen America’s Future in Stockton, Detroit, and Chicago

News of Stockton California’s bankruptcy shouldn’t surprise us or the dismal economic conditions in Chicago and Detroit. The entire state of California should be in bankruptcy considering that it’s $127 billion in debt and nothing on the horizon to stop the plummet into the void. Stockton’s municipal government is a microcosm of our national government except that it can’t print money to keep its government going. If we keep printing money at the national level, we will have lots of Read more […]

Hollywood and Political Hypocrites Don’t Care if We’re Disarmed and Defenseless

A number of Hollywood actors have been outspoken when it comes to social issues that are near and dear to them. Some have even testified before Congress. Meryl Streep was one of the first. In 1989, Streep testified before Congress, and on TV talk shows, about the dangers of the plant growth regulator Alar. Angelina Jolie has appeared before Congress in support of international humanitarian causes. Loretta Swit spoke on behalf of Actors and Others for Animals and other animal rights groups. Catherine Read more […]

The FBI’s Billion Dollar Facial Recognition Program

Although they don’t burn nearly as hot as they once did, the flames of fear, anger and patriotism are reignited once again eleven years after the catalyzing terrorist attack. One question comes to mind: “Are we safer now than we were 11 years ago?” We’ve fought and continue to fight very expensive wars overseas fighting our War on Terror. The wars in the Middle East (whether you support them or not) are costly in blood and money. Here at home, government agencies such as the DHS, FBI and Read more […]

Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago School Crisis

400,000 students are on the streets today after 26,000 Chicago public school teachers walked out on failed contract negotiations. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, feeling the need to state the obvious, said that he wasn’t in favor of the strike and that it was both “wrong” and completely “avoidable.” That’s a small consolation for the Chicago Police Department, which has been put on notice that nearly a half million kids will be without day care until union and school district officials can come to Read more […]

Speed Cameras are Watching You and Charging Big Bucks

Since 2008, Washington D.C. has been implementing dozens of mobile speed cameras disguised as green mailboxes next to bushes or trees where they are hard to see. These are much more convenient than pole-mounted cameras since they’re battery operated, can be moved easily and don’t involve underground wiring. But residents don’t like them because of the hefty fines they get slapped with if they happen to be going over the speed limit. The public outcry prompted the D.C. Council to form a task Read more […]