Stealing Raisins about to be Reviewed by the Supreme Court

The government has been stealing raisins since the Depression. Back in July 2013, Dave Jolly introduced readers to a Mark Horne (no relation) of Raisin Valley Farms in Kerman, California. He wrote, In 2002, Horne decided to stop giving part of his crop to the feds and has continued to do so every year since.  In response, the government is saying that he now owes them 1.2 million pounds of raisins and he is facing fines of $650,000 dollars. Horne contends that the Marketing Order confiscation Read more […]

Federal Government Steals Billions of Dollars of Raisins

Have you ever heard of Marketing Order 989, the Raisin Administrative Committee or the National Raisin Reserve?  If you’re not a raisin producer, the answer is probably no. In 1949, the Raisin Administrative Committee was formed under the Agricultural Agreement Act of 1937.  In 1949, Democrat Harry Truman was President of the United States and both the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats.  The Congress was still following the liberal progressive agenda of FDR.  Marketing Order Read more […]