“Rape Culture” Hysteria Leads to University Lynching Spree

Alleged “rape culture” on college campuses is massively overblown. But those who express doubts about it are treated as rapists themselves. This leads to nothing good. For example, consider this Washington Examiner headline: “Students cleared of gang-rape accusation sue university that expelled them anyway.” Four male students accused of sexually assaulting a female William Paterson University student are suing the school over their expulsions. The four students, along with a fifth who has not Read more […]

German Rapes Show Why Free Immigration is Not Always a Good Thing

German rapes and forced prostitutions are a growing legacy of the migrant crisis in that country. Here are a few bullet points from this article at the Gatestone Institute, “Germany: Migrants’ Rape Epidemic.” A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence. Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter Read more […]

On Hillary Clinton and Sexual Assault Allegations

Clinton declares that we are all obligated to believe sexual assault allegations since rape victims have a right to be believed. The Washington Free Beacon covers the story by pointing out Hillary Clinton’s breathtaking hypocrisy under the headline, “In Shift, Hillary Clinton Says Rape Victims Have Right to Be Believed.” The story says these comments “appear to be a reversal.” A reversal of what? A reversal of the way she treated all the women who complained about sexual harassment Read more […]

Rape Culture Hysteria: 13-Year-Old Boy Charged with Assault for Kissing 14-Year-Old Girl

Is this what is meant by “rape culture”—a young teen facing criminal charges because he kissed a girl on a dare? I don’t think thirteen-year-olds should be kissing teen girls against their will. Both the boy and the other students who encouraged him should be punished. I hate to sound old, but when I was a student, a teen might receive physical discipline for such an act. Now we are much more enlightened. We don’t lay a hand on students; we just bestow on them a permanent criminal record. WBFF Read more […]

Rape Culture Zombies Are About to Get Violent

Believers in rape culture are publicly targeting people for not agreeing with their politics, pretending they are aggressors. Everyone knows that aggression is wrong and self-defense is a proper response to it. That is why one of the main tools of an aggressor is to portray his target as an aggressor. If he can get away with that deception then it is easy to claim his own actions—his own aggressions—are self-defense. So here is what one group of students at Oberlin College did to the members Read more […]

No Sex without a Contract?

Liberals now want no sex until partners say the right words to each other. Here’s a gem from The Daily Caller: “Gillibrand: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Should Go Nationwide.” New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the most prominent lawmakers fighting campus sexual assault on Capitol Hill, said Monday that controversial affirmative consent laws should be made the standard nationwide. Gillibrand was speaking as part of an MSNBC-hosted panel event on sexual assault at the Fashion Read more […]

Rape Culture on Campus Overblown

The numbers justifying claims about rape culture on campus have been massively overstated. As we saw in the case of George Will and the self-righteous, lying editors and others who expelled him from the content of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, there are forces who are extremely invested in propagating the horror story of rape culture on college campuses. This seems clearly a case of trying to generate an emergency in order to “never let an emergency go to waste.” The liberal media wants Read more […]

Does Barack Obama Think Anyone Can Do Anything Without Him?

Sexual assault is a serious crime. The police should take the accusations seriously and investigate thoroughly. The courts should punish such act severely. Duh. So what is President Obama doing? From the Washington Times: President Obama called on the nation Saturday to teach young people how to prevent sexual assault. In his weekly address, Mr. Obama said he has created a White House Task Force to protect students from sexual assault because an estimated one in five women are a victim Read more […]