Banks Gambling with Our Lives Again

Once again we find banks gambling—taking risks at the expense of the public. Because 2008-09 was so much fun… let’s do it, again!! Hey, aren’t you glad John Boehner and his buddies passed that $1.1-trillion spending bill, which also reportedly included a gift to the biggest banks, allowing them to place their riskiest financial casino bets under the protection of government guarantees? Now, they’re back to their old tricks in the lending game, too, because they’ve learned all so Read more […]

Roaches Scatter: BCFS Refuses Deal on Palm Aire Resort for Illegals

Yowza! Shine the light, and the roaches run for cover!! Recapping: Baptist Child & Family Services were going to pay $3.8-mill for a property valued at just over $1.9-mill on the Hidalgo County, TX property records site, and the agent for the sellers was a big donor to a Democrat running for U.S. House in the district, and for another investment group with State Department contracts. From KRGV: “BCFS Walks Away from Palm Aire Hotel Project.” BCFS Health and Human Services on Wednesday Read more […]