Charitable Giving – Red States, Middle-, Lower-Class Do More

When it comes to charitable giving, the rich get richer while the poor help others. The headline of this piece on a recent report put out by the Chronicle of Philanthropy emphasized the religious angle and geography (“Report: Which states give most to charity? The ones with the most church-goers.”). But there is another interesting angle on data that is also included in the story. It starts with an observation on income levels. According to an analysis of IRS data, in the years spanning Read more […]

GOP Would Rather Shove “Immigration Reform” Down Our Throats Than Win Elections

I write this as an “open borders/free residency” conservative. That is: Other than law enforcement and national security (both of which are important and need to be taken seriously!) I don’t think we should stop people from coming here and working here. I take it for granted that welfare should be off limits and that people who become citizens should be required to speak English and pass serious civics tests. The fact that we can’t trust liberals to do things that we should all take for granted Read more […]

Red State Fascism: Local News Is Conduit For Police State Propaganda

From the Rolla Daily News in Missouri: Rolla’s SWAT team, trained as well as any metro team, deals with emergencies as dire as those in any big city, Police Chief Mark Kearse told the Rolla City Council Monday night. “We deal with everything that everybody else does here in little Rolla,” Kearse said in a presentation about SWAT that he noted the council had requested through City Administrator John Butz. Hostages, barricades, drug labs, serving of high-risk warrants—all of those potentially Read more […]