The Turn Away from God means Idolizing Government

We are idolizing government and building fascism into our nation; the problem is spiritual. Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency many have accused him of supporting Socialism. Of course, given the historical and dictionary definition of the term, that is not accurate—government has not taken legal ownership of the means of production. Effectively, however, government has taken increasing control through regulation. I found a recent article by Norbert Michel at really insightful: Read more […]

Obama Administration Keeps Churning Out Regulations

The White House is setting records on the speed at which it is creating new regulations. We all have heard about how much President Obama relies on executive orders or Presidential memos. Let me ask a hypothetical question. What if President Obama passed an executive order that claimed to ordain that five other people also had the right to issue executive orders? Does that sound like something that the President has the power to do? What if he says they are Executive Orders but he can cancel Read more […]

F.E.C. Dems Attack Conservatives in Alternative Media

We were warned that the Federal Election Commission was going to attack conservatives on the internet. As I wrote back in May, whether writing for my personal blog or writing here, I don’t have to hide my political opinions. I can tell you who I’m voting for and who I think you should vote for. But that freedom is not a surprise. The editorial boards of the New York Times and the Washington Post also have it. In fact, everyone should have it. It is called freedom of speech. It is one of the Read more […]

Executive Branch Bypasses Congress to Impose Financial Sanctions on… Legal Gun Dealers

I have already mentioned “Operation Chokepoint,” which is being used to blackmail banks and other financial businesses from offering their services to gun dealers. The Washington Times has followed up the story with a report on other ways in which the Executive Branch is using targeted sanctions against legitimate American businessmen because they sell guns. Gun retailers say the Obama administration is trying to put them out of business with regulations and investigations that bypass Congress Read more […]

Chris Christie Prohibits Tesla From Selling Cars In NJ

It isn’t just Chris Christie. Many states have banned Tesla from selling “direct” to consumers. Crony corruption is so foundational to the politicians that they sometimes simply assume that everyone knows about it and should act accordingly. Reading this Bloomberg story I get a similar reaction to the first time I realized how insanely government-botched our farming and food system is. Bloomberg reports: Governor Chris Christie’s administration blocked Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), the electric-car Read more […]

Too Big To Fail Banks Get Permission To Use “Their Own Risk Models”

From the Financial Times: During the trial run, banks had to show they could comply with a more tailored approach to meeting capital requirements for four consecutive calendar quarters before they could officially rely on that method. The Fed announced that eight bank holding companies, eight national banks, and four state member banks had satisfactory trials, ending a more than five-year limbo period for the largest US banks that had been waiting to hear the results. Morgan Stanley, Bank of New Read more […]

What is the Civil Government’s Job? Justice!

I hear a lot about small government and big government, liberal government and conservative government, government by the people—whether we the people or me the people. You name it. I hear a lot about what the civil government is doing that it shouldn’t be doing. I hear very little about what it is supposed to be doing. What is the civil government’s job? Spoiler alert: it has something to do with justice.1 Let’s begin by Read more […]No, not the french electronica band. Although they are good. [↩]

Congress can only “create” regulation

Alex Marshall believes that governments create economic markets. He says so here. What is so very wrong with this belief is that it empowers government far beyond anything it was ever intended to have. The word “market” doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution, and “commerce” only appears twice—in Article I, Sections 8 and 9. To say that government creates markets, one would expect at least a shout out to the Constitution, but other than a passing reference to the 14th Amendment (naturalized Read more […]