The Impending Gay Republican Attack on Conservatives and Americans

A Republican attack is coming, an assault on the freedom of religion and the majority of Americans. David French at the National Review has written about reasons to be hopeful: I woke up yesterday morning deeply confused. If there is one thing that I thought I’d learned over the past few weeks, it’s that history has a “side,” and I don’t happen to be on it. My views — pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage — were yesterday’s news. The rainbow White House, rainbow Facebook, and — Read more […]

Texas Attorney General: County Clerks Can’t Be Forced To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

While Liberals are already prepared to accuse the Texas Attorney General of treason, he is simply pointing out the First Amendment still exists. You would think that, in a nation that has a Constitution recognizing the freedom of religion, this would be completely uncontroversial. But sadly it is not. Reuters reports, “Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples.” County clerks in Texas who object to gay marriage can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples Read more […]

ACLU Switches Sides on Religious Freedom because “Gay Marriage”

Religious freedom is no longer of value to the ACLU because they have a political war to wage against Christians. I saw this story over the weekend, when it first broke, but didn’t have time to write about it. I was gratified yesterday to see the Libertarian publication Reason put this headline on it: “The ACLU Now Opposes Religious Freedom Because Christians Need It.” And they added this tagline: “The Sometimes Civil Liberties Union.” I was relieved because Reason has an unhealthy Read more […]

How Gay Marriage Will Save the Evangelical Church in America

In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in Obergefell v. Hodges, and is widely expected to impose homosexual marriage on the whole of the United States. There has been some speculation as to what the implications of such a ruling will be. Given the hysterical reaction to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, along with the cases of florists and bakers who have been made to pay exorbitant fines for having refused to serve homosexual weddings, it is clear the goal of the homosexual Read more […]

How to Answer Liberal Myths about Freedom

If you can get a liberal to talk to you, you should be able to free them from some liberal myths about religious freedom and homosexuals. The “question and answer” section of this article (“How to Talk About the Indiana Law With Your Liberal Relatives at Easter.”) at the Daily Signal is a must-read—very helpful for discussions and fair to the issues involved. If you’re really after tolerance, you should be in support of the Religious Freedom acts, as originally passed. So let’s be honest Read more […]

Illinois Has the Same Law that Indiana Passed

How can two states have the same law and only one get condemned for it? Or twenty states? Pete Heck writes in the Indy Star about opposition to the Indiana religious freedom restoration law: Eskenazi Health argued that enactment of the law could lead to the denial of health services for people in need of medical attention. To bolster this outlandish and irresponsible claim, one activist testified before the Statehouse that before her female partner died of ovarian cancer, she worried that the Read more […]

Discussion about Indiana is Useless if It Is Only a Powerplay

Brett Arends writes one of the few worthwhile pieces on the Indiana religious freedom law at “Indiana didn’t actually pass an anti-gay bill.” If you’d read the text of the law, you’d understand right away. If you want to know why the so-called wisdom of crowds is a load of B.S., just take a look at the widespread reaction last week to Indiana’s new religious-freedom law. If you listened to all the voices who have weighed in on this subject, from TV to radio to the Read more […]

Lying Headlines about Religious Freedom in Indiana

The lying headlines say that the law is about “refusing gay customers.” Just to be clear, I am opposed to any law that singles out practicing homosexuals for special exclusions in business service, but I think it is a fundamental human right to refuse to associate with anyone on any grounds. Everyone should have the right to refuse any customer. People act like the world would come to an end leaving people to starve in the streets. That is ridiculous. Businesses remain in existence by serving Read more […]

The Stupidity of the World Lining Up Against Hobby Lobby

We Live in a Mindless, Authoritarian Age – Exhibit #236,904. Consider the argument… um… statement made on these signs. Who is the one advocating that bosses must be forced—at the point of a government gun—to pay for what goes on in these ladies’ bedrooms? Oh, yeah, it’s the Floozy Flukettes in this very picture! I agree with the signs: Get bosses out of the bedroom. and politicians out of the bedroom, and Supreme Court justices out of the bedroom! Stop government from coercing Read more […]

Liberals Try To Get Christians To Want To Be Forced To Submit To The Homosex Regime

Christians are resisting the imposed Homosexual disorder and Liberals want them to stop. They don’t hesitate to use the power of government to force them to do so. But, when that doesn’t work right away, some also spend time and energy to get Christians to voluntarily submit. Thus, Jonathan Merritt’s article in the Daily Beast: “Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate.” Merritt is upset that the Arizona legislature has a law saying Read more […]

Does Kentucky Law Equal Sharia?

A Facebook group called Stop Islamization of America posted a link to an article titled “Shh! Sharia Law Gets a Clear Passage in Kentucky.” Not one to take Sharia lightly, I read the article prepared to be as disgusted or horrified as I usually am when I hear of encroaching Sharia. The article reads, “Under House Bill 279, the controversial religious-freedom bill, someone with ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs can disregard laws ‘unless the government proves by clear and convincing evidence that Read more […]

Another Victory Over Contraception Mandate

The churches, Christian colleges, schools and businesses have been lining up to file legal action to block them from having to violate their Christian faith and principles by implementing the controversial contraception mandate.  And one by one, the courts are agreeing with them. In the latest victory for religious freedom, Tyndale House Publishers of Carol Stream, IL, won a preliminary injunction against the mandate.  Tyndale is the world’s largest private Christian publishers of Bibles, Read more […]