Megan McArdle on Why the Secular Left was Fine Bullying Hobby Lobby

I don’t always agree with or like what Megan McArdle has to say, but this time she hit it out of the park. In reviewing the hysteria over the Supreme Court case in favor of Hobby Lobby’s freedom to not buy something they don’t want to buy, McArdle writes on why the Left likes coercion.  I think that institutions Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor are obviously correct — they are being forced by the government to buy something that they don’t want to buy. We can argue about whether Read more […]

God and Jerusalem back in at the DNC

God was out; now He is back in. Caving to pressure from the Romney/Ryan campaign and President Obama himself, the Democratic National Convention voted to restore references in the party platform to God and to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. In a verbal vote that took three times to get a majority, Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa finally declared the “ayes” to have it. Wondering why the reference to “God-given potential” was ever removed in the first place, President Obama Read more […]

The Leech of Liberal Christianity is Dying

In a recent piece for the New York Times, Ross Douthat made several interesting observations about the imminent death of liberal Christianity, specifically the Episcopal Church. He points out the rather counterintuitive—yet consistently proven—fact that the more concessions the Church has made to the social whims and fancies of political liberals (currently in the form of social justice and homosexual marriage), the more irrelevant it has become. Douthat writes: Yet instead of attracting a younger, Read more […]