Obamacare Turned Five Yesterday: Who Likes It?

Since Obamacare turned five, shouldn’t the law be popular now like Democrats asserted that it would be? March 23 marked the fifth-year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Within two years, President Obama won re-election boastfully basking in the nickname for the law. But then things changed. While the Administration tried to deny it, and only a few honest Democrats would admit it, Obamacare was a disaster for Democrats in the 2014 elections. And the discontent is still Read more […]

The Barack Obama – Chris Matthews Interview: Sign Of Desperation

Noah Rothman at Mediaite offers some interesting analysis of what it means that the President is finally being interviewed by Chris Matthews: For years, MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been sitting patiently behind the emergency glass waiting for President Barack Obama to come wildly swinging the ax of panic. As recently as August, Matthews cited Obama’s careful avoidance of the network, which just last month was forced to discipline two hosts for conduct so indefensible they could not continue Read more […]

Harry Reid Blocks Senate ObamaCare Repeal Vote

How often did we hear in the 2000 election to “count all the votes”? It was the daily mantra of the Democrats. When the Iranians were finally able to vote in an election, they held up their purple-stained fingers in jubilation. Liberals were reluctantly pleased. Elections in Libya and Egypt thrilled the Democrats. Finally Democracy had come to these backward, dictatorial nations. Something happens in the United States when the people vote. California’s Proposition 8 that outlawed homosexual Read more […]