Good News: Northeast United States Losing Congress

People are leaving the Northeast United States. That means other parts of the country are gaining power in Congress. This doesn’t necessarily mean that conservatism is going to win. After all, Liberals are undoubtedly fleeing the area and the economic consequences of their own liberalism. Sadly, many people refuse to recognize the source of the problems they see. It is possible that the Southern states might become more liberal as populations move to them. But it is still possible to hope. The Read more […]

The Granddaddy Of All Referendums–Fixing State Senates

Saturday was a beautiful spring-like day and I had the pleasure of taking a relaxing motorcycle ride through the rolling hills of Western Maryland to the Antietam National Battlefield. My riding companion, on his beautiful new Harley Street Glide, is an intriguing individual that is running for Delegate in Maryland.  His name is Eric Bouchat. As the two of us walked the battlefield of Antietam, Eric explained the battle, statistics, and issues of the day to me.  We discussed the munitions, Read more […]