An Executive Branch Full of Lawmakers Is Killing Freedom

Apathy in Congress is killing freedom too, as they do nothing to dismantle these bureaucracies. Our own apathy is also deadly. If you like freedom—and want your children to experience any semblance of liberty—you must understand the principles outlined in this piece by Senator Mike Lee. Beyond that, we must apply that understanding in how we vote, and how we act in the civil sphere. [See also, “Unable to Hurt Cruz, GOP Daggers Are Out for Mike Lee.”] In America—as in no nation Read more […]

The People’s Choice

While Democracy exalts the people’s choice, a Republic exalts the rule of law but depends on the people’s participation. The latest polls indicate that 70% of Americans believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Those that claim to understand the polls would have us believe there will be a major change of political party control as a result.  But that doesn’t mean a major change in the direction of the country.  If recent history is any indicator, the political party in Read more […]

The Tyranny of Democracy

Does it drive you crazy when you hear politicians and talking heads refer to America as a “democracy”? If it does, I sympathize with you. And so do the founders. Here’s what James Madison, our fourth President and the man they call the “Father of the Constitution,” had to say about democracies: Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short Read more […]

How Democracy Produces Oligarchy

From the Federalist addressing whether or how democracy produces oligarchy: How is it that in a hyper-egalitarian age a purportedly democratic ideology has produced the seemingly-intractable oligarchic ruling class that dominates American politics? THAT… is a great question. Alexis de Tocqueville provides a clue in Democracy in America: “Democratic nations often hate those in whose hands the central power is vested, but they always love that power itself.” Whereas democratic equality Read more […]

The Remnant and the Masses

The concept of a “Remnant” is biblical in its origin, but—like most things biblical—has application both far and wide. Members of the Remnant, as contrasted with the masses, are the real movers and shakers of any given society. It is the Remnant who actually know and care about what is really happening; and are often the only ones doing anything about it. Encouraging as that may sound, it is also frustrating, because the Remnant are a slippery bunch. As Leonard Read tells it: Members of Read more […]

Why Al Gore Wants to Get Rid of the Electoral College

Ben Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” Thanks to government education, most people today believe that America is a “democracy.” But we’re not a democracy. We’re not “mob-ruled” as much as many would like us to be. Our country was founded to be ruled by law through representatives, which makes us a Constitutional Republic. This form of representation is not only manifested in the way our government is structured, but also in the way Read more […]