Tea Party Revolution in Kentucky

A GOP victory is a surprise but a tea party revolution is a “shock.” The media thinks it is quite shocking. The headline at the Kentucky Herald-Leader admits it: “Matt Bevin shocks Jack Conway to become next governor of Kentucky.” He never led until the end, and that’s when it counted. Republican Matt Bevin, who trailed in every public poll since winning the Republican primary in May by 83 votes, shocked Democrat Jack Conway on Tuesday to become the next governor of Kentucky. With help Read more […]

Vote Republican so You Can Make Obama’s List

Ah, Election Day, the day when we plebeians get to cast off our shackles and overthrow our masters — or not. Every election is important to the larger community, but some elections stand out as being potential game changers. This is one of those. Having been ignored by the majority of voters in the past two presidential elections, conservatives might be excused for being excited about today. The past two presidential elections were opportunities to prevent America from falling into a death Read more […]

Tea Party Fighting For Its Life In Alabama

Today, many are considering Alabama to be a test of Tea Party v. Establishment GOP. From the Hill: Establishment Republicans, looking to push back against Tea Party conservatives they blame for undermining the GOP brand, face an early test of their clout with the grassroots in Tuesday’s primary election for Alabama’s 1st congressional district. Amid a concerted effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to secure a win for former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in the deep-red district, polls show his Read more […]

Even Nobel-Winning Economists Think America Is A Democracy

I’ve been having a feud with one of my readers who, when I posted an image that read, “Democracy is the means by which those who adore authority and crave the security of servitude can use their superior numbers to enslave those who wish to be free,” accused me of bashing the fundamental system of governance upon which America was founded. And in a July 4 op-ed at the New York Times, Paul Krugman waxes philosophical and asks if we’re still the same country we were in 1776, to which he Read more […]

Another Black Man Leaves The Democratic Party To Join the GOP

This is completely against the rules. If you’re black, you’d better vote Democrat, and if you’re a black politician, you’d better be a Democrat. In fact, you’re not a real person of color unless you swear your allegiance to the Democratic party. Not playing by that rule makes you some kind of racist. Probably the only kind of black racist that black and white liberals believe in. Late last week, Louisiana Democrat and State Senator Elbert Guillory announced that he was leaving the dark Read more […]

Paul Ryan Favors An Internet Sales Tax

Remind me again why we nominated Mitt Romney to run against Obama? Oh yeah, because the media told us he was the most “electable.” And Paul Ryan was used to “energize” the base. He’s young and handsome, and came across very “vice presidentially.” Who cares what he or Romney believed. This isn’t about principles. It’s about appearances. Our football culture treats politics like a game. That’s all presidential elections are to people. They’re just games, and voters cheer on Read more […]

Obamacare Exchanges Being Turned Down by GOP Governors

Obamacare exchanges consist of a federally financed healthcare entitlement that would subsidize insurance premiums for low and some middle income American families. The exchanges go into effect January 1, 2014. The amount of the subsidy depends upon the family income with the lowest income getting the greatest subsidy. Exchanges are to be run by the states under the guidance of the federal health care program. A number of state governors, all Republicans, are taking a second look at the Obamacare Read more […]

Is Government a “Cancerous Force”?

A recent article on Bloomberg made it clear that when Democrats speak of “the free market” they really have no clue what they are talking about. Author Alex Marshall shows his ignorance in the first paragraphs of his piece when he tries to define what Republicans believe about government. His false view of what he claims Republicans believe about the role of government skews his entire view of the relationship between capitalism and government. His ignorance is a good opportunity to remind us Read more […]