Buyer Beware: Do Research before Believing the Media

Believing the media is a risky endeavor, even if the source shares your values. Many of the juiciest stories we hear—even from allegedly reputable media sources—fall apart when one undertakes a cursory amount of primary research. Earlier I had around ten Internet tabs open, preparing to write a substantive piece, but my digging uncovered that the original “news” broadcast I heard was incorrect—the “facts” spoken with total assurance turned out to be completely bogus. I’ve been in Read more […]

Government Accuses Markets Of Inefficiency, While Burning Money

One of the most painful parts of the Obamasnare campaign (an area with lots of competition for first place) was Obama claiming that that the market was not efficient. It needed to be updated. All medical records needed to be digitized (the NSA completely approved of that idea), etc. Because information is imperfect, and for other reasons, it is completely possible to find inefficiencies in the market. But fixing those problems is often difficult. Those who do it successfully are commonly called Read more […]