People Rally to Protect Neighbor from Gun Confiscation

This wasn’t merely a “protest” against gun confiscation, but a preventative action—a rescue. Last Memorial Day Bob Allen wrote about what needs to happen for us to avoid a fascist future: Those who take orders from government authority must be unshakably committed that there is a higher authority than the one passing down orders. In America, those higher authorities—even above the President—are the Constitution, and God Himself. Until soldiers, and Marines, and police officers, Read more […]

This Round, the American People Won Against the Feds

American citizens committed themselves to standing against Federal tyranny till the cows came home in Nevada… and they’re home (except for the more than 100 the Feds killed by their stupidity and negligence—so typical). Via Good Morning America: “Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins ‘Range War’ With Feds.” A Nevada cattle rancher appears to have won his week-long battle with the federal government over a controversial cattle roundup that had led to the arrest of several protesters. Cliven Bundy Read more […]

Range War Not Hot Yet, But…

This is definitely one to watch–a man whose family has run livestock on the land since 1870 has had his cattle rustled (stolen) by the Federal government, and now they have also detained one of the rancher’s sons for moving outside of the Feds’ declared “First Amendment Area”… Gee, and here I thought that applied in the entire country! Freedom will only thrive once again when men stand for it, and tell the tyrants with tin badges, “No!” Reportedly a few hundred men and women are standing Read more […]

Chinese Christians Show Neighborly Way to Resist Tyrants

From the Telegraph: Thousands of Chinese Christians have mounted an extraordinary, round-the-clock defence of a church in a city known as the ‘Jerusalem of the East’ after Communist Party officials threatened to bulldoze their place of worship. In an episode that underlines the fierce and long-standing friction between China’s officially atheist Communist Party and its rapidly growing Christian congregation, Bible-carrying believers this week flocked to the Sanjiang church in Wenzhou hoping to Read more […]

Applying for Legal Gun Permit? Cops Think that Means You Deserve a SWAT Raid

Do law-abiding gun owners deserve to be the target of Police violence and intimidation? The Ankeny Police Department is so sure the answer is “yes” that they act as if they are justified in the SWAT raid about which Bob Allen posted. If you have not read that post, please do so in order to understand the terrorism and lawlessness inflicted on a household for no reason. Randy Balko quotes a statement from the Ankeny PD:  Ankeny police are defending the raid, saying they needed to use that Read more […]

Open Letter To Ankeny Police Department From A Political Outcast Reader

I received an email yesterday afternoon regarding Bob Allen’s post on a police raid. I want to share it (withholding the name and email) because I think it shows a commendable tactic. Subject: Iowa police raid Message Body: I saw this this morning. (Click on link and watch appalling video) After I saw this video, I sent some personal individual emails to the ranking Read more […]

“Sabotage” Is Liberal Code For Popular Resistance To Oppression

Just to pick one example among many of the rhetoric: The Affordable Care Act Is An OK Law That’s Been Sabotaged …Three of the problems with the ACA roll-out were not to due to the law itself, but rather, Republican intransigence… “Intransigence” is not as problematic a word as “sabotage.” It is true that the Republicans have resisted the law in various ways. It is also OK to make the case that, if the Republicans had cooperated with, and supported, the Affordable Care Act, then Read more […]

Another Democrat Begging For A Waiver From Obama

From a Denver Post blog: Rep. Jared Polis said Wednesday he will seek a waiver from the Obama administration so mountain-dwellers in his district will not be required to participate in the Affordable Care Act this year because health insurance rates in the high country are more costly than other parts of Colorado. Polis, a Democrat from Boulder, said he was dismayed that residents in insurance resort region 11 — which includes parts of Garfield and Summit counties — have dramatically higher Read more […]

Obama Administration Seeks To Nullify The Nullifiers

The federal government doesn’t like being told, “No.” If states try to nullify some unconstitutional federal mandate like Obamacare, the feds will first ignore them and try to force the mandate onto the state as planned, hoping that the state will just give up and comply. After all, the states are no match for the mighty feds, and as we all know, might makes right, so the states just need to stop their griping and complaining and fall in line like sheep to the slaughter to bow down to their Read more […]

Populist Resistance to Obamacare Angers Lefties

You would think that Leftists have a reputation for meekly submitting to election results and waiting their turn in the next campaign season. They certainly act like such behavior is required of us. But it is not! With the radical Obama in the White House, it never stops being campaign season, not only for him, but for his opposition. And by opposition, I do not mean the Republican Party, I mean every producer in the country. This opposition is growing. An angry tirade was just released to us Read more […]