Stop Playing the Victim!

There are few characteristics as central to American culture today as that of being a victim. We automatically assume in most situations we have been victimized. There are real victims, of course. There are people who have been hurt, maimed, harmed, reputations destroyed, families broken, children abused, etc. But what I am talking about is that American mindset of being perpetually offended. The students blame the teacher. The teacher blames the students. The parents blame the children. The children Read more […]

Obamacare Unhealthy? Encouraging Passivity Can Ruin Health

Is Obamacare unhealthy? Maybe one way to answer this is to ask if the healthcare industry is unhealthy even apart from Obamacare. The major force behind Obamacare was that people either cannot afford health insurance, or that they lose it because they lose their jobs. I don’t doubt that there are many people who have suffered under such conditions (though I think many more will be suffering in many different ways under Obamacare) but it is important to realize that, for some people, losing Read more […]

The Birds And The Bees: A Lesson For Liberals

Governor Rick Perry of the God-fearing land of Texas signed into law yesterday restrictions that would limit abortions to take place only in surgical centers and would require, as the Associated Press explains it, “doctors who work at abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privilege,” adding that “Only five of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas…currently meet those new requirements. Clinics will have a year to either upgrade their facilities or shut down after the law takes effect in October.” Hey, Read more […]

Imposing The Gay Agenda On Hospitals

A liberal sent me a message the other day: “The reason why gays want to get married is because it represents something concrete and allows them the same rights as straight couples. The government at this point does not recognize gay marriage as marriage, which has led to many problems.” It isn’t so much a case of the government not recognizing gay “marriage” as marriage as it is a case of the government not recognizing a word to mean something other than its definition. But, without Read more […]

Representative Jackson Lee: “Don’t Condemn The Gangbangers,” It’s The Guns’ Fault

Last week, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee spoke on the House floor in favor of more restrictions that prohibit law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families from criminals. She pleaded with fellow lawmakers to run to the defense of the gangbangers, telling them that it’s not the criminals’ fault. It’s that we don’t have more laws restricting guns:  “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw Read more […]

Americans Have Lost Their Self-Reliance

When you look around at American society today, what do you see? I see a nation of people that have lost their self-reliance. When I was growing up in the 1950s (yeah, I’m THAT old!), most people took pride in being self-reliant.  People had jobs and provided for their families.  Regardless of what the job was, most Americans took pride in their work and they were proud to be the head of the household. Since that time, our sense of pride has diminished and along with it our self-reliance.  Read more […]