Denying Me Your Daughters’ Restroom is Bigotry!

A teen high school student with long hair and some makeup thinks anyone who treats him like a male is guilty of bigotry. The difference between girls and boys is not how they wear their hair. You would think high school students would know that. KMOV reports, “Hillsboro High School students stage walkout in dispute over transgender student.” More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School over a dispute about the use of the girls’ locker room by a transgender student. The Read more […]

School Restrooms: Transgender Kids Have A ‘Right’ To Make Others Uncomfortable?

Writing about the decision by Maine’s Supreme Court to hear the case of a 15-year-old “transgender” boy-to-girl, self-named Nicole, who wants the right to use his school’s female restrooms, Adam Winkler asks at The New Republic (TNR), “Where should a transgender schoolgirl be allowed to pee?” The answer that’s obvious to me is that a schoolgirl should be allowed—no, required—to use the restrooms designated for girls, and a schoolboy should be required to use the restrooms designated for boys. We Read more […]

Transgendered Toddlers And Their Unfortunate Classmates

If I were craftier in my elementary-school and high-school days and were the type who got his jollies by using the bathroom while a girl peed in the stall adjacent to his, I would have claimed that I was “transgender”—that is, that I was biologically a male, but mentally a female. There are some school districts in this toilet of a country that permit “transgender” people to use whatever restroom they feel corresponds to the gender of their choice that day. Coy Mathis is a six-year-old transgender Read more […]