The King of Life

Jesus Christ arose as the King of Life. We need to face up to the fact of death to realize the value of the gift he offers us. March 24th seemed like a normal day and number 9525 to Duesseldorf seemed like a routine flight as it departed from Barcelona, Spain. No one who boarded that flight had any idea what was in store for them that day. If they had, they would never have entered the aircraft. Most of the passengers probably had a thousand other things on their minds and no idea at all Read more […]

Easter Faith Is the Only Basis for Christian Heroism

If you don’t have Easter faith — real belief in the resurrection — you won’t be willing to give your life. If the message you heard in Church on Easter Sunday could not be delivered to the families of those who died for following Jesus in Kenya this week—if it’s some kind of humanist rah-rah triumphalism focused on how God wants you happy and rich in this life—you might have been better off to just stand up, walk away fast, and never go back. The Christian Post reported, “’If Read more […]

After Easter: Do You Believe the Resurrection?

Christianity claims that the resurrection of Jesus really happened in history. Do you think that is a baseless story? Christianity is the furthest thing from an exercise in blind faith—the evidence to support the Bible’s testimony about Jesus is extensive, and compelling in itself. I’m not saying definitive… because we’re talking about a relationship with the living God, which is a very subjective reality that is buttressed by that objective evidence. [See also, “God’s REAL “Hope & Read more […]

God’s REAL “Hope & Change” = Jesus Resurrected

If you go to the stores these days you’re in for sticker shock as the price of everything heads to the ceiling, but there is one item that is going down in price.  In fact, it’s so cheap that quite often it’s simply free for the taking. It is so abundantly available that the supply far outstrips any level of demand. What is that item? It is available every time you open the mailbox, a newspaper, turn on the radio, TV, or read on the internet. What is that item? Discouragement. I know Read more […]

How Todd Aiken Beat the GOP Establishment and May Win in Missouri

I’ve written repeatedly that you can’t win a fight if you’re not in the ring. My anti-GOP and “no lesser than two evil” friends are complaining from the sidelines that the GOP is just like the Democrats. “If this is true,” I tell them, “then change it.” It’s easier for them to bellyache from the sidelines and watch the ship of state go down. They believe that with Barack Obama in for another four years things will go from bad to worse. When this happens, the people will finally Read more […]