Raw Story Half-Baked: Mockery Of Michelle Malkin Deflects Attention From Real Abuse Of Power

I completely missed Michelle Malkin’s column on Kathleen Sebelius until I stumbled on the Raw Story’s attack on Malkin for writing it. Tom Bogg gratuitously brought up a video Malkin made many years ago because it served his purpose to find stuff he thought he could use to make her look stupid. (For the record, I disagree with Malkin when she preaches war as if anything we’ve done in the last decade has had any effect other than degrade our national security—which was the point of her Read more […]

White House: House GOP are Arsonists, Suicide Bombers, and Kidnappers

One of Obama’s senior advisors Dan Pfeiffer was speaking in the context of the debt ceiling, which we’re set to hit in mid-October. It’ll end up getting raised at the last minute after Republicans and Democrats put on a show for their constituents. Right now, the Dems’ job is to make Republicans out to be terrorists and criminals, holding Americans hostage with the debt ceiling. And since Dems don’t “negotiate with terrorists,” they’re saying that there’s no deal. The GOP has Read more […]

Agitator in Chief: Obama Can’t Stand to Govern

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Air Force One. Yes, Obama is jetting off yet again to campaign for or against something. Does he ever stay in Washington? Maybe he can rent out the White House like some kind of timeshare – pay down the debt. The odd thing is that he seems to be constantly campaigning against his own administration’s policies. As if he’s still candidate Obama from five years ago and they are not his policies. So the question remains – why doesn’t he just stay Read more […]

Obama To “Refocus” On Jobs For Umpteenth Time

Aside from the class warfare, gender warfare, and race-baiting that have been the cornerstones of the Obama presidency (which race-baiting, by the way, is probably to blame for the 18-percent rise in crime against white people from 2010 to 2011), the other mainstay has been the President’s myriad pivots from one distracting issue to the issue of jobs: from capitalizing on the Newtown shooting in order to push prohibitive gun laws, and then back to jobs; to capitalizing on the Republican notion Read more […]