Woman Wins Right to Die because She’s Shallow

I believe people should have the authority over themselves to refuse treatment. That doesn’t mean they are always or usually right to do so. In Britain it seems to be the law that you have to give your reasons for refusing to the authorities and they decide if your reasons are rational. This may seem more compassionate, but the result is the legitimization of suicide because a person’s life is determined to be of no value. Recently, a woman’s right to die was justified an the grounds that she Read more […]

Choosing to Die Will Become Required to Die

People who are pursuing a dignified death now are paving the way for a time when the inconvenient are required to die. Once you make the decision that suffering has no purpose, and life is only valuable because of what it can produce… you are but a breath away from mandatory death. Via ChristianHeadlines.com: “How ‘Dying with Dignity’ Becomes the Duty to Die.” Now many people ask, as a young person I know did, “Why should we Christians, who oppose assisted suicide, impose our beliefs Read more […]