Good News for Students: Teacher Unions Dwindling

We commonly say that teacher unions are for the teachers and not for students, but that’s not completely true. When union rules assign raises and other promotions solely on the basis of seniority and never on the basis of performance, then the unions are for time-serving incompetent teacher and not for young superior teachers. That means that there are reasons that some teachers would be opposed to teacher unions. Thus, EAG News reports, “TEACHER: Unions losing fight against members, parents, Read more […]

Another Victory over Unions!

Kentucky is pioneering local Right-to-Work ordinances, giving us another potential victory over unions. For a long time now, the question of Right-to-Work laws has been considered exclusively the domains of the state legislatures. However, there are good reasons to question this interpretation. Now Kentucky has begun a new movement. As James Sherk reports at the Daily Signal (and originally at the National Review), Right-to-work’s prospects appeared bleak in Kentucky after the midterm elections. Read more […]

Unions Built and Destroyed Michigan

Michigan has long been a union controlled state.  The United Auto Workers (UAW) was probably the largest union in the state.  The UAW was responsible for getting their members better wages and benefits.  Compared to non-union workers, UAW members made more money and had better benefits. That was great when the economy was good and the nation was prosperous.  During those times, the people of Michigan also prospered and it was largely due to the unions as the sign one man held up said, ‘Union Read more […]