Rikers Island Claims Its Prey: Freed Man Kills Himself

A young man held as a teen on Rikers Island for three years without trial, takes his own life. What happens to you when you, as a teen, spend three years in jail without even a trial, with about two of those years spent in solitary confinement? What kind of person do you become? What kind of personality do you develop? I wrote about this back in October 2, 2015. I might not have noticed that it is time to update the story, sadly, had it not been for Rand Paul who shared the news on Facebook. Kelley Read more […]

Three Years in Prison Without a Trial

In United States law, no one is supposed to go to prison without a trial. Supposedly, the only reason to hold people is if they are a “flight risk.” No one is supposed to be punished with prison time until and unless he is convicted in a court of law. No one is supposed to be forced to wait forever in abeyance; Americans are supposed to get a speedy trial. But that is all fiction. It seems like an accused man in New York City (and probably elsewhere) has as many rights as a marine imprisoned Read more […]