Why Bob Dole’s “Bridge to the Past” is a Bridge to Nowhere

Politico.com has run an almost tender puff piece: “Bob Dole goes home.” When Bob Dole ran for president in 1996 at the age of 73, Democrats derided him as a relic and a man out of place in the electronic age. Late-night comics mocked him, he tumbled off a stage and President Bill Clinton charged in his convention speech that Dole wanted to “build a bridge to the past.” Nearly two decades later, Dole is having the last laugh — and letting present-day Republicans know they might learn a Read more […]

John Boehner Castigates Barack Obama On The Five-Year Anniversary Of “Stimulus”

From his press office: House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement marking the five-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s “stimulus” plan being signed into law: “The ‘stimulus’ has turned out to be a classic case of big promises and big spending with little results.  Five years and hundreds of billions of dollars later, millions of families are still asking ‘where are the jobs?’  More Americans are living at or below the poverty line.  Median household Read more […]

Paul Ryan Working On Immigration “Reform” With Chuck Schumer In “Private Talks”

Paul Ryan has to set the record for growing the horn out of his nose in the least amount of time. It is hard to believe that only in 2012 he was chosen to make Mitt Romney seem palatable to conservatives in the Republican Party. He has now fully metastasized into a RINO. As someone recently remarked in the American Spectator, one may be forgiven for wondering, what is Paul Ryan’s game plan? He recently negotiated away the automatic sequester cuts, one of the few real accomplishments of the Read more […]

Wendy Davis is Window Into the Soul of a RINO: Almost Became One

Wendy Davis, the creative autobiographer and pro-abortion hero, may also be an interesting specimen to examine in order to understand RINOs—Republicans In Name Only. According to Breitbart, Davis at one time identified as a Texas Republican! “Like it or not, the Republicans wish they had Wendy Davis in their party,” former City Councilwoman Becky Haskin tells the paper. Haskin, a Republican, does not comment on the fact that her party once did have Davis. Davis was, the story notes, voting Read more […]

Minimum Wage Hike: Is the GOP Really Going to Surrender?

With Obamacare revealed as a massive, corrupt failure, how could the Democrats possibly hope to push through any of their agenda? Yet, the Washington Times editors suggest that Republicans are willing to aid and abet them on a minimum wage increase. With frightened Republicans scattering like bunny rabbits at the sound of distant thunder, a job-killing minimum-wage increase is probably inevitable. Only 63 House Republicans voted to maintain the budgetary discipline that prevented President Obama Read more […]

Ryan Budget Plan Just Digs a Bigger Bipartisan Hole

The Paul Ryan-brokered budget deal passed by the House doesn’t really cut spending, doesn’t really reduce the deficit and doesn’t make a dent in your taxes. In fact, it’s hard to determine what the budget deal does except allow Congress and the rest of Washington to go on its merry way, burning bushels of money en route. Speaker John Boehner has lashed out at conservatives and the Tea Party for opposing this do-nothing plan. The only cuts that have been made to federal spending in recent memory Read more […]

Calling Colin Powell A RINO Is Too Insulting To RINOs

Is Colin Powell a RINO? He is certainly a Republican in name only. But if I call him a RINO I’ll start to feel guilty about other people whom I call “RINOs.” A lot of RINOs are professional politicians who would, to some extent, like to defeat Democrats for public office. But Powell wears the Republican name only for one reason—so he can promote liberal causes. Consider this lead sentence from USNews: At a prostate cancer survivors breakfast last week, former Secretary of State Colin Read more […]

Mitch McConnell Forcing GOP “Civil War” Over Tea Party

From Business Insider: “How Mitch McConnell’s War On The Tea Party Could Backfire.” More than any other campaign in the 2014 election, McConnell’s is a battle for control over the GOP. If he can defeat Bevin and Grimes while challenging SCF and other conservative groups, it will prove that the establishment still has power within the party. If not, it will give the Tea Party yet another boost. However, McConnell’s war is not an isolated battle. By challenging the Tea Party in a public manner, Read more […]

GOP Corruptocrats Working To Oust Justin Amash

Justin Amash is the standard bearer for Ron Paul Republicanism in the House of Representatives. He almost got the NSA’s illegal spy program defunded. He stands against big government. He joined the effort to defund Obamacare, something we now all see was worth attempting at any cost. So naturally the deep pockets of the Republican Party are out to destroy him. Business leaders are plotting to take down Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) as part of a broader effort to punish lawmakers over the government Read more […]

Get Real: Chris Christie Will Barely Be a Blip in the GOP Primaries in 2016

Newser summarizes some tardy but clear thinking about Christie’s popularity: Sure, Chris Christie’s pugnacity has served him well on the statewide stage—but will it continue to work on the national one? He’d better not assume anything: Winning “fosters hubris and often reinforces the wrong lessons,” writes Matt Lewis in the Week. “So far, Christie’s confrontational style has mostly come across as refreshing.” But “what happens when MSNBC plays video of him yelling at someone for the millionth Read more […]

Dems Want Vote On Amnesty Now, RINOs Want To Wait Till After Primaries

What does it tell you when Democrats are saying that a vote should happen now but Republicans want to wait until later—after certain elections have been held? According to the Washington Times, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday there is a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives ready to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul bill, but she may never get the chance to prove it if GOP Speaker John A. Boehner doesn’t bring a vote in the Republican-lead House. “With 28 Republicans Read more […]

Empire Striking Back: GOP Gearing Up For War Against Tea Party

At the National Journal website, Beth Reinhard has an article: “Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party.” It features a lovely picture of Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise—which is where I got the idea for the title of this post. From Alabama to Alaska, the center-right, business-oriented wing of the Republican Party is gearing up for a series of skirmishes that it hopes can prevent the 2014 midterm election from turning into another missed opportunity. Read more […]